Basic-1-6 Weekly Time Table Out, Schools Close 12 Noon

Basic-1-6 Weekly Time Table Out

Basic Schools Close 12 Noon From Monday, Basic-1-6 Weekly Time Table is out for the 2021 academic year. However, contact hours have been reduced.

Basic schools in Ghana will close each day at 12 noon when schools reopen on Monday.

This means pupils from Creche – JHS3 will spend fewer hours in school because of the coronavirus.

The new timetable for both lower and upper primary for both public and private basic schools released for use from Monday 18th January 2021 also ends at 12 noon.

The Basic-1-6 Weekly Time Table is divided into Upper Primary and Lower Primary. The lower primary time table assigns more time to Mathematics, Creative Arts and Design, English Language, Science, and Ghanaian Language on a weekly basis for lower primary.

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Basic-1-6 Weekly Time Table: Periods for lower primary

Mathematics – 4 periods – 2 hours/week

Creative Arts and Design – 4 periods – 2 hours/week

English Language 8 periods – 4  hours/week

Science – 4 periods – 2 hours/week

Ghanaian Language – 4 periods – 2 hours/week

Computing – 3 periods – 1 1/2 hours/week

Religious and Moral Educations – 3 periods – 1 1/2  hours/week

History – 2 periods – 1 hour/week

Our World Our People – 2 periods – 1 hour/week

Download lower primary time table

Basic-6 Weekly Time Table Out Download (1)

Download upper primary time table

The Upper Primary Time Table for Basic 4-6 – Download

Basic-6 Weekly Time Table Out Download - Upper Primary Time Table

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