7 Countries That Were Banned From The FIFA World Cup

Only seven countries have been banned from participating in the FIFA World Cup since the inception of the game. Check out the 7 countries that were banned from the FIFA World Cup.

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Lionel Messi reached the peak of football after he inspired Argentina to bag the World Cup glory.

In what was a massive final Argentina and France drew 3-3 after 120 minutes, with the South Americans winning 4-2 in an intense penalty shootout.

Here are the 7 Countries That Were Banned From The FIFA World Cup

Germany and Japan – 1950 World Cup

After the 1942 and 1946 World Cup were suspended due to World War II, the tournament returned in 1950.

But Germany and Japan were not authorized to be involved due to the outcome of the second World War.

Uruguay were the ultimate winners, with Brazil coming second, Sweden third and Spain fourth.

South Africa – 1970 – 1990 World Cup

During the apartheid in South Africa, they were challenged with numerous international sanctions. FIFA had suspended them in 1963, and eventually ousted in 1976.

South Africa are the last African country to host the tournament, having hosted the 2010 edition.

Mexico – 1990 World Cup

Mexico were prohibited for two years by FIFA after they fielded four players that were above the age limit.

The affair happened during the qualifying round of the world junior tournament.

The 1990 World Cup was won by West Germany, having beat Argentina in the final. Italy and England were third and fourth respectively.

Chile – 1994 World Cup

Chilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas faked to be hurt by a flare thrown by a fan during his country’s match against Brazil in 1989.

In the facts, he used an unseen blade in his glove to cut himself, as a result, FIFA banned Chile from the 1994 tournament. Rojas was banned for life.

Myanmar – 2006 World Cup

Myanmar tugged out of a qualifying match for the 2002 World Cup which was slated to be played in Iran.

They were fined 23,500 dollars by FIFA and were banned from the 2006 edition of the tournament, which was held in Germany.

Russia – 2022 World Cup

After their raid of Ukraine, they were criticized by many countries around the globe.

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FIFA agreed the Russia football team were to be prohibited from participating in the Qatar World Cup.


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