95% of Parents and Candidates are Not Happy with The BECE Results, According to a Survey.

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The majority of parents of Junior High School students who sat for the 33rd edition of the Basic Education Certificate Examination have expressed dissatisfaction with the provisional BECE results released by the West African Examinations Council, a survey has disclosed.

Released on November 9, WAEC in a blog post said, the BECE results were approved by the Examiners’ Appointment Committee after the completion of investigations into several cases of irregularity detected during the conduct of the examination and marking of scripts.

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“The subject results of 12 school candidates and 3 private candidates for bringing foreign materials, namely, prepared notes, textbooks and printed materials into the examination hall or colluding with other candidates,” WAEC stated.

The non-profit-making organization also said the entire results of 41 school candidates and 1 private candidate were cancelled for possession of mobile phones in the examination hall during the conduct of the 2023 edition of the BECE.

But despite the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) assurance that the provisional BECE results hosted on eresults.waecgh.org are accurate and genuine, some students say they are not satisfied with the grades on the results.

“Not satisfied at all, the result my student got is nothing to write home about, knowing well he’s capable of the best. Please, I wish the results would check again before bringing placement,” a teacher told AcademicWeek.com.

A prospective candidate who sat for the national examination on his part said “The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) should check the results again because what I wrote is not 1% closer to what I got as my results”

Another student identified as Nyamekye commented, “Am not satisfied with my results at all, these results kept me crying and worrying. I know I wrote well. Why would u do this without considering the feelings of the students?”

While others are expressing displeasure with the 2023 BECE results, some are also of the view that the Stanine Grading System used for the BECE is certainly not a good way to access Junior High School students at the national level.


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“Was the Stanine Grading System tested or piloted before being applied to the students? This is certainly not a good way to access the JHS students at the national level. I appeal to West Africa Examination Council to have a second look at the system and do something about the provisional results released.

8 thoughts on “95% of Parents and Candidates are Not Happy with The BECE Results, According to a Survey.

  1. I could not understand why this is happening WAEC and its working committee has to recheck and do something about it.

    Because I know what I wrote. This issue keep me thinking and eating become a problem

    1. I’m on the same scale with Nyamekye. That was just my reaction as I saw my results. But how could they do that? WAEC should do well by correcting their mistakes well in the final results because they are keeping 99 percent of 2023 BECE candidates worrying.

  2. .It seems unfair that different badges are assigned different grading scales, with some ranging from 80-100 and others starting from 90-100. Additionally, the use of the stanine grading system further adds to the confusion.

    I believe that WAEC should have considered candidates’ feelings before implementing such a grading system. It can be demoralizing for students to see inconsistencies in how their hard work is evaluated.

    I kindly request that you review and possibly reconsider the grading system, ensuring a fair and transparent assessment for all candidates. Although my overall result is not exceptionally poor, it has fallen below the standard I have set for myself. My school and teachers had placed their hopes in my ability to excel, and I regret to say that I have disappointed them. Despite consistently achieving good grades in our mock exams, the final aggregate has left me bewildered and disheartened. Waec has to do something about our results because it seems all the hard work I put in was in vain and this will never motivate me to learn again. ☹️

    I respectfully plea .

  3. I’m surprised because I have never failed an examination all of a sudden I get this. Pls ,WAEC should remark cause this results are unacceptable how am I supposed to get the school I want to go to

  4. I hope that waec would remark cause it’s really unfair to us, because we put in the hard work just so we do not fail the expectations of our teachers and parents and the results I had really shocked me cause the grade I was expecting was doubled, and this is really unfair to students who studied very hard only to get the greatest disapointments in their lives

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