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Basic 3 Lesson Plans: Week 1-3 for 2021 Term 1 (Recovery – Download Now !)

Week 1-3 Lesson Plans for Basic 1- 6

Basic 3 Lesson Plans Week 1-3  lessons can now be downloaded for primary 3. The sample lessons cover all subjects for the week. 

Week 1-3 Lesson Plans for Basic 3, Term 1 Recovery Available Now and provided by Fayol INC our partners.

All basic 4 teachers are encouraged to download these files.

Download sample lessons for week three (3) Basic 3– 2021, Term 1 Recovery. These are useful sample lessons for Basic 3 for weeks 1, 2, and 3. 

We believe materials will be useful for effective teaching and learning.

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These are lessons well crafted and with the teacher and learners in mind based on the new curriculum of the Ghana Education Service (GES)


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Week 1-3 Lesson Plans Basic 3, Term 1 Recovery

Download Week 3 click to download >>> B3 WEEK3 NOTES


We have added bonus lesson plans for Week 1 and 2 in case you missed some key points. 

Kindly download them here.

Download Week 2 click to download >>> B3 WEEK2 NOTES

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Download Week 1 click to download >>> B3 WEEK1 NOTES

We are confident these lesson plans will help you in performing your teaching duties.



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  1. Please I learnt the first 8 weeks of teaching should be the lessons from the previous class, here is the case from the lesson plan prepared so far from week 1-3 are all lessons in b3 from the indicators. Please any explanation? It doesn’t tally with your scheme of learning for the various class

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