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2022 BECE Social Studies: Tough trial BECE questions and answers Excellent 2022 BECE Social Studies Questions

Social Studies is one of the core subjects that BECE candidates are required to pass if they are to progress to the SHS. In this post, we share with you another set of BECE Social Studies Questions and Answers for Candidates. We encourage candidates to observe how the answers have been crafted, and do the same when they are answering SOCIAL STUDIES questions at the BECE level.

Ensure the answers you provide are always self-explanatory.


Excellent Sample 2023 BECE Social Studies Questions and Answers for Candidates (Set 2)

Let us take a look at the questions and the excellent suggested answers for candidates


59. Briefly explain four common traits which make the Ghanaian different from people of other countries.

i. The desire of the Ghanaian to succeed in everything when giving the chance makes the Ghanaian different from other people of the world.
ii. Ghanaians have the ability to tolerate the views and feelings of others on issues. This is why all the ethnic groups in Ghana are able to live together.
iii. Ghanaians are sympathetic and show concern for those in trouble.
iv. The Ghanaian is hospitable as he /she welcomes and receives visitors warmly.

60. What does the term culture change mean?

Culture change is the adaptation and shift in social, economic, and general cultural life to be able to cope with development around us.

61. Explain five factors that bring about change in culture.

i. Education can help bring about change because it broadens the minds of people, changes their way of thinking and helps them analyze issues concerning their customs, norms and practices more critically.

ii. Trading in different towns and travelling to other cities, towns and countries help us to learn new languages, norms and values which are introduced into our culture to change our old culture thereby leading to change in culture.

iii. Inventions and technology which help create new things and discover better ways of doing things help make our lives better and bring about change in culture.

iv. Civil wars and political conflict bring about change in the culture of the displaced people since they turn to adopt their way of life in their newfound home. Liberians have had their culture affected in a certain way as most of those born in Ghana speak English like Ghanaians.

v. Improved communication which is easy to assess brings about change in culture since it makes it easy for one to know what is taking place in another part of the world. Due to the Ghanaians access to the TV and internet he/she knows how American ladies and men dress today hence it has affected the kind of clothing our youth fancy and wear.


Excellent Sample 2023 BECE Social Studies Questions and Answers for Candidates Q.6

62. What is the difference between “internal factors of change in culture” and external factors of change in culture?

Internal factors of change in culture are the actions and decisions of the people themselves which bring about change in their culture. Example the decision of members of an ethnic group to war among themselves over simple issues would end up bringing change in culture.

External factors of change in culture are the actions and decisions of external forces or people which bring about change in the culture of a different group of people. Example the decision of Europeans to bring Christianity to Africa led to a change from traditional African religion to Christianity hence causing change in (worship and belief) culture.


63. Explain four internal factors that have brought changes in culture in Ghana.

i. Tribal and political conflicts that have erupted in the past as in the case of the Kokomba –Nanumba conflict of 1994 over a black guinea fowl, have brought change in the culture of the Kokomba –Nanumba people as people were forced to live their traditional homes to seek refuge in other towns. Those who migrated due to the conflict ended up learning and acquiring new values, customs and ways of doing things from their new environment.

ii. Research has led to the changing or abolition of most of our Ghanaian customs and ways of doing things such as Trokosi system, Female Genital Mutilation and others which are presently tagged as outmoded.

iii. Education has helped Ghanaians to critically think and assess their culture on a scientific basis. This has helped us do away with superstitious beliefs and the belief that women are only good at the kitchen.

iv. Identification of new and better ways of doing things has brought about a change in our culture as a people. Presently, all festivals celebrated in Ghana are used to plan the development of our towns and villages. This was never part of our original festivals.

64. Explain four external factors that have brought changes in culture in Ghana.

i. The introduction of formal education by Europeans during the colonial era in Ghana has brought change in our culture and way of impacting knowledge, helped to deal with superstition and opened the way for new forms of employment such as accountants and lawyers in addition to traditional occupations like farming and carving.

ii. The introduction of foreign religions such as Christianity and Islam has led to change in beliefs hence creating Christian and Islamic converts. In Ghana today most people either belong to the Christian or Islamic faith living just a handful under the African Traditional Religion.

iii. Inter-tribal and inter-religion marriages have brought about change in culture because the couples learn from each other’s culture and religion just as their children learn from both of them.

iv. Colonization which is the controlling of the administration of a given country by foreign power has brought changes into the Ghanaian culture in the areas of Language and our method of ruling ourselves. Example colonization introduced English language which has become our official language just as our traditional system of ruling through the chiefs has been replaced by the western means of ruling a state.

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We have no doubt that these Excellent 2023 BECE Social Studies Questions and Answers for Candidates are good and will aid your preparation for the BECE.


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