Bob Marley’s Real Name And Profile

Bob Marley's Real Name And Profile

Did you know that the name, Bob Marley, wasn’t the real name of the musician? Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer, musician, and songwriter. He is considered to be the greatest reggae musician of all time. Let’s take a look at Bob Marley’s Real name and his profile.


Bob Marley’s real name is Robert Nesta Marley. While everyone knows his name, what is less known was that the full name he went by in adulthood, Robert Nesta Marley, was an alteration of the name he had been given at birth: Nesta Robert Marley. But rather than the change being Marley’s own decision for the sake of adopting a catchy stage name. Bob Marley rolls off the tongue the same way Bob Dylan does. It was actually the singer’s mother who made the decision shortly after her baby was born.

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Bob Marley married Alpharita Constantia “Rita” Anderson in Kingston, Jamaica, on 10 February 1966. Marley had many children: three were born to his wife Rita, and two additional children were adopted from Rita’s previous relationships as his own, and they have the Marley name. In total, he had 11 children.


  • Could You Be Loved
  • Soul Revolution
  • Jamming
  • Redemption Song
  • Is This Love
  • Lively Up Yourself Dub
  • Rebel Music
  • Rastaman Live Up
  • War
  • Soul Rebel
  • No Woman No Cry
  • Trenchtown Rock
  • Get Up, Stand Up
  • Mellow Mood
  • Africa Unite
  • One Love
  • I Shot the Sheriff
  • Buffalo Soldier
  • Put It On
  • A Tribute to Bob Marley
  • One Love
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Them Belly Full
  • Mr. Brown
  • Rainbow Country
  • Soul Captives
  • So Much Trouble in the World
  • Kaya
  • Hammer
  • There She Goes
  • 400 Years
  • Stop That Train

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Marley died tragically young, succumbing to cancer on May 11, 1981, at the age of just 36. Though he was a hero in Jamaica and beyond during his short lifetime, in death the man who brought reggae to the world and destigmatized the Christian belief system of Rastafari attained a mythic status, with the name “Bob Marley” becoming synonymous with the peace, love, and understanding.

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