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2020 SCHOOL PLACEMENT: Can I Change My School Placement?

Change My School Placement

Do you want to change your School Placement? Did you get placed automatically or through self placement? Find out the answers now. 

Changing your school placement: Questions and Answers

One question that keeps popping up since the School Placement was released by the GES is “Can I change my placement?”
Others are also saying, “I want to change my school placement, is it possible?

The answer to the above questions is Yes and No.

Yes, you can change your school if you did Self Placement.

According to the Ghana Education Service, those who place themselves through the self Placement module can change the school they chose multiple times until they are enrolled in a school.

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Who is an enrolled student?

An enrolled student is one who has submitted his Students Admission or enrollment form to a school.

Now for the students who got placed automatically in one of the five schools they chose, changing the school is not possible.

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Since the release of the school placement this morning, students and parents have been checking to know their faith.

Many seem not to be happy with the schools they have been placed in although they chose them. We hope this short post helped to enlighten you.



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