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Check Out The Five(5) Tallest Buildings In Ghana

Some of the tallest buildings in Ghana serve as a tourist attraction centre or serve as commercial or business purposes. At least every country can boast of one or two skyscrapers.

Most people currently prefer to build their buildings or houses in a fashion, which is through storey constructions. This saves land for other commercial activities. Tall buildings do look beautiful from the inside and largely from the outside.

Most of these tall buildings are in Europe and America. In Ghana, there are several tall buildings which are normally known as skyscrapers. Let us look at the very top five(5) tallest buildings in Ghana and their location.

5. Exim Bank

This building the head office of this bank in Ghana. It has height of 57 meters tall. It is located in Accra.

Exim Bank Building
Exim Bank Building


4. Mirage Building in Accra

This is a 14 floor building in Ghana and it has the same height as the Exim Bank. It has a height of 57 meters. One can see several places when on top of the building. It is a very nice place to be. This is also located in Accra central.

Mirage Building


3. World Trade Center.

This name sounds like this building is not in Ghana. Well this building in found right here in Ghana. It has 14 floors and it is located in Accra opposite the National Theater close to the Pension house.

It is often known as the tallest commercial building in Ghana

World Trade Center Building

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2.Villagio Vistas

This has an estimated height of 80 meters tall. It is located in Trasacco in Accra.

Villagio Vistas


1. Alto

This is the tallest building in Ghana. It has a total floor of 27. It has an estimated height of 93 meters tall. It is also located in Accra.


It could be seen that the tallest building and the second tallest are in the same location.

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