Elective Mathematics Questions for WASSCE Candidates

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The 2023 WASSCE will soon commerce and this is a sample elective maths questions for all 2023 WASSCE candidates. Candidates are urged to try their hands on this Elective Mathematics Questions for WASSCE candidates.

Elective Mathematics Questions for all WASSCE Candidates

1. Find the equation of the line joining points (8, 1) and (-3, 4).

2. The sum of the first and sixth terms of an Arithmetic progression (A.P.) is 21. If the first term is 3, find the eighth term.

3. If and are the roots of the equation 2×2 – 5x + m = 0, where m is a constant, find ( 2 + 2) in terms of m.

4. The position vectors of points P, Q and R are p = 4j, q = (4i + 10j) and r = (ki + 8j) respectively, where k is a constant. If ∠PQR = 90o, find the value of k.

5. Given that * is a binary operation defined on R, the set of real numbers by x*y = x2/x+y , where x, y R. (a) evaluate (2 * 3) * 5.

(b) If (x + 1) * (x + 2) = , find the value of x.

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6. The deviations from 10 of a given set of numbers are 2, 1, 0, -4, -5, – 1, – 2 and – 7. Find the: (i) mean; (ii) median; (iii) standard deviation of the numbers.

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