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GES Confirmed: Three (3) Days Holiday Declared For Senior High Schools; Check Out The Details.

Three 3 days Holiday for Senior High Schools. The Ghana Education Service is one of the regulatory bodies for the basic and secondary schools in Ghana. They are responsible for major decisions for the schools under their power and authority. Three (3) holiday has been declared by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to all second Cycle Schools with a particular year group.

According to the letter and information spreading on all social media platforms across the country, The Ghana Education Service (GES) was particularly concerned about second-year students (form two students) across the country.

Take a look at the information in the communique released by the Office Of the Ghana Education Service to all students in the Country on their three days holidays for Senior High schools.

Three (3) days Holiday For Secondary Schools

The details of the communique confirmed that various headmasters across all the secondary schools in Ghana are expected to declare a three-day holiday for all students in the second year so that these students can go home. The essence of the Holiday is to give an opportunity for all the second-year students who attained 18 years of age to go to their various constituencies to register for their voter identification cards so that they can exercise their franchise in the next elections which will be held in 2024 on December 7th.

It was also stated that the students in question are allowed to go on this Holiday from the 22nd Of September 2023 to the 24th of September 2023. All students are expected to be on campus on the said date as indicated in the communique from the Ghana Education Service (GES). Also, Headmasters should not detain any student for any reason without going home for these three 3 days holidays.

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As part of the Constitutional regulation for all Ghanaian citizens to exercise their franchise, the Management of the Ghana Education Service has granted form two (2) students who are eighteen (18) years and above to go home and register for their voter ID (identification card) the form two students are granted three (3) days effective Friday, 22nd Of September 2023 to Sunday 24th Of September 2023.

By copy of this letter, Regional Directors of Education are kindly requested to communicate the above statement to all heads of Second Cycle institutions within your jurisdiction.

Thank You.

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