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GES Reacts To Viral Adisadel College Student Assault Video

GES Reacts To Viral Adisadel College Student Assault Video

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has reacted to a Viral Adisadel Students in which two students are seen engaged in a scuffle leading to one being hurt on the cheek by the other.

The misunderstanding that led to the unfortunate violence emanated from a mobile phone per the video circulating.

Hours after the video hit the internet, the GES indicated in a press release that it is taking this matter very seriously and is committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all students across the country.

The Press release by the GES indicated that the management of the service was deeply concerned. It went on to condemn the barbaric act of violence in Ghanaian schools.

It also assured that it was prepared to make schools safe and secure for teaching and learning.

The circulation of the video has caused widespread worry among the school’s alumni association (Santaclausians) and raised concerns about safety and discipline in the school. Adisadel College’s quick response to the incident demonstrates its commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.

The main perpetrator of the assault will be taking the WASSCE exams at a designated WAEC centre instead of on campus. The victim will also be sent home but will have to return to the school to write the exams accompanied by a parent or guardian. The victim failed to report the incident to the school authorities until the video caught the attention of the officials.

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The student who filmed the incident and circulated it online will face disciplinary action. He has been suspended for one week and will then serve an additional week of suspension with labour. His mobile phone will also be confiscated.

All other students who were present during the assault but did not intervene or report the incident are facing internal suspension.

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The housemaster and his assistants have been suspended pending the outcome of investigations conducted by GES officials.

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