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How to Autopost Published from WordPress to Telegram

Published from Wordpress to Telegram

Have you wondered how bloggers and top media houses post their new and updated content from their websites to Telegram?

In this tutorial, we share the basic skills and procedures to help you set up in under 5 minutes.

Once you set the Autopost Published from Wordpress site to Telegram, you need not manually share your posts in your Telegram Channels or Groups. That means the stress is over.

Autopost Published from WordPress to Telegram like a pro by following the procedures outlined

The first thing you need to do is to create a Bot.

How to Create a Telegram Bot

  1. Create a Bot command to @BotFather or search for @BotFather in the bot search bar and click to open.
  2. On the page that opens, type and send/newbot
  3. Choose a bot name for example PostDoctor
  4. The system will require you to choose a username. Using your bot name type a username in this format PostDoctor_bot
  5. After completing the steps @BotFather will provide you the Bot Token in a message.
  6. Copy the token and paste it into the Bot Token field below. For ease, use Telegram Desktop
  7. Go to your WordPress plugin section at the back end and click on add new
  8. Search for the plugin WP Telegram WP Telegram (Auto Post and Notifications)
  9. After installing and activating, refresh your page and look for the WP Telegramjust below the settings and click to open
  10. Copy and past your telegram token in the token space and click Test Token…If you see a piece of Green Text information, you are good to go
  11. Type the name of the group or channel you own for which you will use the Bot to post automatically. Normally when you carry out step 10, it will pull the name into the interface. Now click save.
  12. Go to Post to telegram page and activate the button – It turns blue.
  13. Carry out the remaining basic settings
  14. Add your bot to the group and make the bot an admin of the Telegram group or channel.
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Autopost Published from WordPress to Telegram

When you are through with the settings, each time you publish a post, it will be shared in your telegram group.

Image by umtsolmz from Pixabay

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