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How To Increase MTN Mobile Money Limit Online, Simplified Steps

How To Increase MTN Mobile Money Limit Online, Simplified Steps

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Mobile money has become an essential piece in the day to day lives of some individuals across Africa. MTN Mobile Money, specifically, has millions of users in several African countries who depend on it for fast, protected financial transactions. MTN places transaction limits on Mobile Money accounts to relieve risk. Even though it is useful, these low limits can be inconvenient when you want to send or get a lot of money. Fortunately, MTN allows you to easily increase your transaction limit online. Here is how to increase MTN Mobile Money limit online.

How To Increase MTN Mobile Money Limit Online

1: Log in to your account

First, access your MTN Mobile Money account on the website or mobile app. Enter your MOMO registered telephone number and PIN to log in.

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2: Go to ‘Profile'(Account Settings)

On the dashboard, find and click on ‘Profile’ or ‘Account Settings’. This takes you to your account details.

3: Click on ‘Transaction Limit’

Below profile or account settings, find and select the ‘Transaction Limit’ tab or link. This will show you your ongoing transfer limits.

4: Choose ‘Increase Limit’

Search for and click on the ‘Increase Limit’ button or link. Choosing this choice kicks start your request to raise your transaction limit.

5: Fill out needed information

You should provide data like your national ID, passport, or driver’s license number for verification. Also submit supporting documents like payslips, bank statements, utility bills etc. to affirm your earning sources.

6: Submit your request

Whenever you have filled in every one of the necessary personal and financial details, click ‘Submit Request’ to send your limit increase application to MTN.

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7: Sit tight and wait for the approval

Permit some time for MTN to confirm your request and validate your documents. You will get a notice once your higher transaction limit is approved.

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