I survived on lizards, studied with moonlight – Mornah recounts his childhood struggles

Akufo-Addo Bernard Mornah

Surviving on Lizards, Studying by Moonlight: Mornah ‘s Childhood Struggles.

Former PNC National Chairman, Bernard Anbataayela Mornah, opened up about his challenging childhood in the village of Sankana, located in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region. In an interview with Ohenewaa Kesse Boahen on CTV, Mornah shared the difficulties he faced, shedding light on a period in his life marked by hunger and the need for creative survival strategies.

Mornah recounted how dire circumstances forced him to take matters into his own hands to combat hunger. He described a time when he resorted to hunting and cooking lizards for sustenance. Armed with a cane, he embarked on the task of locating and capturing lizards, which he would then roast or cook to serve as his primary meal.

The process of preparing his unconventional meals involved milling millet on a grinding stone and combining it with the stock of the cooked lizard. This unique dish, referred to as ‘kankale,’ became a crucial part of Mornah’s survival during those challenging times.

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Reflecting on his experiences, Mornah emphasized that enduring such hardships shaped his character and instilled a deep sense of empathy within him. He expressed a profound understanding of human suffering, attributing his passion for national conversations to the lived experiences of his past.

Addressing the topic of his education, Mornah revealed the absence of modern amenities during his study sessions. Lacking access to electricity or even locally made lanterns, he had to rely on the illumination provided by the moon. Describing the limitations imposed by this unconventional study environment, he explained the urgency of reading swiftly when the moon was visible and the patience required during cloudy intervals.

In sharing his remarkable journey from lizard hunting to studying by moonlight, Mornah highlighted the resilience and resourcefulness that defined his formative years, contributing to the compassionate and determined individual he has become.

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