JUST IN: Parliament Calls For The Termination Of Zoomlion Fumigation Contract

Parliament Calls For The Termination Of Zoomlion Fumigation Contract

The public accounts committee in parliament, has urged or advised the total termination of the fumigation contracts with Zoomlion Ghana.

The contracts for fumigation which is among the metropolitan, district assemblies (thus the MMDA’s), and the Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a waste management company has been recommended by the Committee of Public Accounts in Parliament for total termination.

The recommendation for the cancellation of this contract among the parties mentioned above by the Parliament’s Public Account Committee (PPAC) was because of the lack of integrity on the makeup of chemicals used for the fumigation.

The Public Accounts committee disclosed that because these parties (Zoomlion Ghana and the minor assemblies mentioned above) have failed to truthfully reveal the makeup of the chemicals used in the fumigation process, it may waste funds.

The Parliaments Pubic Accounts Committee and the auditors are finding it difficult to verify the fumigation process. The Public Accounts Committee made it known that the assemblies involved in this fumigation contract should not renew the contact with Zoomlion Ghana Limited when the current one ends.

The report from the Parliaments Public Account Committee regarding this fumigation exercise was seen in the Auditor-General’s report for 2020 on the District Assemblies Common Fund’s utilization and management. The report which was made by the Public Accounts Committee was taken on July 11th 2023 by Parliament.

Some members of the assembly and top officials in Ghana have used the  recommendation from the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PPAC) as a campaign.

Regarding to this campaign issue, Thomas Nkpetri, the former DEO of Kpandai disclosed how the Zoomlion contract has allegedly swindled funds off the assemblies.

The same campaign talks from Thomas Nkpetri was also used by the NREHO, Mumuni Dzakpa Matthew. Matthew disclosed his surprise to the kind of chemicals the Zoomlion use and it is in the interest of the nation to know the chemicals they use in the fumigation process.

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