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‘Kitchen stool headmaster’ to be buried today – Learn From His Mistakes

Kitchen stool headmaster buried

The chalk fraternity must learn from the mistakes of the “Kitchen stool headmaster” as he is buried today.

The late Mr. Robert Sepey, who was a headmaster, became very famous due to his sexual escapades with one of his pupils.

Many commentators when news of his demise hit the internet have attributed his passing on to stress, and the associated complications and disgrace that came with the story. His final sacking by the Ghana Education Service added to his woes.

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Teachers in the country are being called upon to learn from the mistakes of their colleague. One amoral engagement with a learner created all the troubles he never imagined.

Male teachers and their female counterparts are to ensure they do not engage in any sexual acts or advances towards their learners as it has serious consequences on their profession, lives, and their loved ones.

Robert Sepey passed in early December 2020 due to an unknown illness. The attached funeral poster was sighted by  It indicates that a funeral ceremony will be held in his honour at Awoshie in Accra.

He will, however, be buried at Ada Wakumagbe.

‘The Kitchen stool s3x style’ became a national phenomenon following a leaked video of Mr Sepey in a sexual encounter with a girl believed to be one of his pupils as he was the headteacher of the Adumanu D/A Basic School in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the Central Region.

The chalk fraternity received the bashing for the act however, there were others who gave him “fans” inventing the Kitchen stool s3x position. The aftermath of the bruhaha saw the price of kitchen stools skyrocketed and lovers bought and gifted it to their partners to express love.

The Kitchen stool headmaster to be buried today has granted teachers another opportunity to take a fresh look at the content of the codes of conduct for teachers.

PART: RULES OF CONDUCT FOR TEACHERS – c -Sexual Violence: This is just a reminder for all teachers 


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'Kitchen stool headmaster' to be buried today

On a lighter note: The poster indicates that ‘all friends and sympathizers’. These may include persons whose relationships might have been resurrected and strengthened by Sepe’s kitchen stool style.


RIP Mr. Robert Sepey…





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