2020 BECE School Placement Out Feb 3rd -GES

School Placement Out Feb 3rd -GES

The Ghana Education Service has disclosed that 2020 School Placement will be released on February 3rd, 2021. The 2020 BECE School Placement is expected to create a new chapter in the education of BECE graduates.

The release of the placement status will offer BECE graduates an opportunity to know the Free SHS they have been placed in based on their raw scores.

What time will the 2020 School Placement be released?

The GES often releases the school placements down between 11:30 pm and 12 midnight. This is because the release is timed and once the release date and time ticks on the clock, the portal goes live.


What should parents and BECE graduates expect when the 2020 BECE School Placement portal is opened?

When the 2020 BECE School Placement portal is opened, students can access their placements. Expect one of the following three outcomes.

a. You may be placed in one of the five schools you chose.

b. You may not qualify for any of the schools, in this case, you may qualify for self-placement

c. You may not be placed at all due to poor results, for example, if you obtain grade 9 in Mathematics or integrated science.

Apart from the above, you may have to contact the regional centres for any assistance. However, per the new placement system, GES has made it possible for those who do self-placement to go back into the system to change their school, accommodation, etc.

2020 BECE School Placement


To check your school placement status, go>>> HERE



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