My residence at Cantonments was sold while I was in it – Bagbin

residence at cantoments

In a surprising revelation at the Speaker’s Breakfast Forum held at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel in Accra, Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, disclosed a startling incident regarding the sale of his residence at Cantonments while he was still living in it. Bagbin shared that it took the intervention of the Lands Commission to prevent the sale of the property.

During his address to the audience, Bagbin shed light on the challenges faced by the Parliament, specifically the loss of properties. He emphasized the precarious situation regarding his own residence, stating, “Many of you don’t know that even the residence of the speaker was almost sold to the private sector. Actually, it was given out. It was when they went to register that the Lands Commission identified that that is the residence of the Speaker. Luckily, I was inside, so it was saved.”

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The Speaker went on to underscore the persistent difficulties encountered by the Parliament in reclaiming properties and securing land for the construction of parliamentary structures. Bagbin pointed out that, unlike the executive and judicial branches of government, the legislative arm has faced challenges throughout Ghana’s democratic journey, losing numerous properties in the process.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Ghana’s start of the democratic journey is known to all and needs no further mention. This largely affected the development of parliamentary democracy. Unlike the executive and the judicial arms of government, we have had to be a number of times, and we lost almost all our properties. So, we are now struggling to get even our lands for us to be able to put up some structures to accommodate parliament,” he elaborated.

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The Speaker’s Breakfast Forum, held under the theme “Thirty Years of Parliamentary Democracy under the Fourth Republic: Reflect on Citizen’s Engagement and the way forward,” provided a platform for reflection on the challenges and progress of Ghana’s parliamentary democracy since the inception of the Fourth Republic. Bagbin’s revelation added a layer of urgency to the ongoing efforts to stabilize and strengthen the parliamentary institution.

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