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Public School Teachers Prefer Private Schools For Their Wards -Let’s Break the Cycle

Teachers Prefer Private Schools

Public school teachers and other parents have shown a strong desire to choose a private school over a public school for their children.

Why Do Public School Teachers  And Parents Prefer Private Schools For Their Wards?

What makes the trend more interesting is the fact that 8/10 public school teachers are likely to opt for a private school for their children over a public school. It is worthy to note that, diverse reasons account for this common phenomenon.

The purpose of this article is to understand the reason(s) why the craving for private schools supersede that of public schools and to use the information as a basis to improve upon stakeholder involvement to making both the private and public schools better.

It is an open fact that public schools may have a myriad of advantages that many private schools cannot match. Regardless of this fact, most public school teachers and parents will choose a private school for their children on any occasion.

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It is a known fact that most parents generally show keen interest and commitment towards the education of their children in private schools as compared to their children in public schools. This attitude undermines the progress of public schools.

When comparing the performance of private schools to public schools, it is imperative to note that, there are a number of variables that may contribute to the outcome of student’s performance. Such variables are worthy of consideration.

The government’s unwavering commitment to making public school education better is known by all. This is evident in the government’s effort in expanding infrastructure and accessibility by making education free and compulsory and providing midday meals. In spite of this preceding point, there are many public schools with inadequate educational infrastructure and is important to note that, learning does not happen automatically.

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On the contrary, most private schools seem to be doing quite well in terms of providing adequate educational infrastructure and facilities. Though there’s still more room for improvement.

Though private schools are regulated by the state, it is not strictly mandatory for the private schools to adhere to certain educational policies they may deem counterproductive.

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Certain forms of corrective measures seem to be fading away from the public school system as compared to the private schools.

Discipline is strictly enforced when there’s an open environment for correction. Discipline ultimately is the foundation for all great achievements.

All stakeholders that is, successive governments, government agencies, parents, teachers, and to some extent pupils should make a conscious effort to making both public and private school education satisfactory and equally patronize by all.

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Public school teachers and parents prefer private schools for their wards…do you have a divergent opinion on this?



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  1. I feel it’s fine because every decent parent wants their kids to have a better life compared to them. Even Manchester United players were enrolling their children in Man City’s academy programme a few years ago

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