R.M.E MOCK (BECE PERFORMANCE BOOSTER): Selected questions and Answers for Essay & Objectives


RME Selected questions and Answers for Essay & Objectives


[60 marks]
This paper consists of three sections A, B, and C. Answer three questions only choosing one question from
each section.
All questions carry equal marks .Answer all questions in your answer booklet
Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material


Answer only one question from this section
1. (a) Briefly give account and explain Jesus’ teaching on salt and light [12 marks]
(b) Write four moral lessons learnt from the teaching of salt and light [8 marks]
2. (a) Describe how Muslims perform Wudu [12 marks]
(b) Give four moral significance of Wudu [8marks]
3. (a) Give an account of how God separated from Humans [10 marks]
(b) State five attributes of God according to traditional African Religion [10marks]
Answer only one question from this section
4. (a) State four ways of greeting in the community [8 marks]
(b) Suggest four reasons why people greet in the community [12 marks]
5. (a) Explain the term repentance [4 marks]
(b) Outline steps for showing regret [4 marks]
(c) Give four importance of repentance [12marks]
6. (a) Explain the term sedatives drugs [3 marks]
(b) List five examples of sedatives [5 marks]
(c) Highlight four defensive skills for overcoming drug abuse [12 marks]

Answer only one question from this section
7. (a) Explain the meaning of work ethic [4 marks]
(b) Mention four negative attitudes towards work [4 marks]
(c) Describe four effects of negative attitudes towards work [12marks]
8. (a) Explain the meaning of savings [4 marks]
(b) List four ways of saving towards the future [4 marks]
(c) Give four importance of savings [12 marks]



Think carefully before you shade the answer space; erase completely any answer you wish to change
Do all rough work on this paper
Now answer the following questions

1. According to the bible, God created
plants on the
A. first day
B. second day
C. third day
D. fourth day
2. According to the Qu’ran, Adam was
created from
A. blood
B. dust
C. flesh
D. bone
3. It is God who chews food for the
cockerel. The attribute of God shown in
this saying is
A. love
B. mercy
C. providence
D. justice
4. God is able to discern the heart of man
because, He is
A. eternal
B. compassionate
C. omniscient
D. omnipresent
5. When God created the heavens and the
earth, His spirit moved on the waters.
this expression means God is
A. all – knowing
B. all – loving
C. everywhere
D. powerful
6. The Hadith benefits, Muslims by
providing explanations to
A. how to avoid idol worship
B. some of the Qur’anic teachings
C. the practice of Abu Bakr
D. the works of Malams and Imams
7. Be good to friends and neighbours
according to Hadit No. 85 implies
A. patience
B. faithfulness
C. friendliness
D. tolerance
8. Egya Ahor exhibited patriotic spirit
when he
A. brought fame to the people
B. destroyed the people’s plague
C. died for his people
D. predicted the famine season
9. Thou art my beloved son, with thee I and
well pleased. These words were heard at
A. birth
B. baptism
C. death
D. resurrection
10.According to the Bible, Abraham was
declared a man of faith because
A. he made a covenant with God
B. he waited for a son with patience
C. he agreed to sacrifice his son Isaac
D. his name changed to Abram
11.The golden rule according to Jesus is
A. honour your father and mother
B. love God and your neigbours
C. love others more than yourself
D. respect God and your enemies
12.The traditional festival which depends on
the skills and exploits of hunting is
A. hogbetsotso
B. homowo
C. odwira
D. aboakyir
13.Muslims celebrate Eidul – Fitr to mark
A. Ibrahim’s sacrifice of Ishmael
B. prophet Mohammed’s movement to
C. the end of pilgrimage
D. the end of Ramadan fasting
14.Water and wine given to a child during
naming ceremony symbolizes
A. loyalty
B. faithfulness
C. truthfulness
D. obedience
15.To promote happy marriage, the couple
needs to
A. avoid the extended family
B. stay together
C. tolerate each other always
D. worship together at the same place
16.The salat observed at dawn is
A. Asr
B. Fajr
C. Magrib
D. Zuhr
17. Spirit possession during worship may
lead to the
A. fulfillment of petitions
B. purification of the society
C. removal of evil powers
D. revelation of past and future secrets
18.The Ramadan fast is observed by
Muslims in order to
A. save food
B. honour the needy
C. guard against evil
D. please Prophet Muhammed
19.Dirges are sung to express
A. joy and harvest time
B. grief and sorrow
C. meaning of names
D. common purpose
20.Improper dressing is a sign of
A. disrespect
B. hooliganism
C. immaturity
D. madness
21.Bowing and kneeling to greet a chief is a
sign of
A. humility and respect
B. love and obedience
C. peace and loyalty
D. sincerity and faithfulness
22.Human Immune Virus (HIV) can be
prevented from spreading by
A. immunizing people against it
B. taking good care of our wounds
C. refusing to shake hands
D. avoiding casual sex
23.Which of the following behaviours can
best help a child to lead a chaste life?
A. control one’s temper
B. decent dressing
C. joining the church choir
D. being polite
24.Behavior patterns of individuals
approved by society are known as
A. Sacrements
B. taboos
C. cultural traditions
D. moral values
25.No one leaves the tree to embrace the oil.
This wise saying implies
A. good decisions are better than bad
B. seeking only your own and forget
C. seeing the welfare of your parents
before others
D. the oil comes out of the tree
26.Obedience to God is a mark of
A. commitment
B. peace
C. courtesy
D. sincerity
27.Which of the following practices can
enhance peaceful – co –existence in the
A. selection of leaders
B. obedience to social laws
C. registration of religious groups
D. inter – marriages
28.When you dedicate yourself completely
to any task, you show
A. comportment
B. commitment
C. obedience
D. respect
29.A pupil who is committed to schooling
A. be obedient to his parents and learn
B. be punctual and do his or her home
C. buy gifts for his or her school when
D. love his or her teachers and wash
their clothes
30.The expression God bless you is a way
of showing one’s
A. love
B. holiness
C. gratitude
D. opinion
31.Retribution is a type of punishment that
makes criminals
A. change for better
B. enjoy what they did
C. confess their evil deeds
D. suffer for their actions
32.A healthy family relationship can be
promoted by
A. doing well in school
B. living an independent life
C. respecting one another
D. working very hard
33.Whose duty is it to see the well – being
of the child in the nuclear family?
A. in-laws
B. grandparents
C. parents
D. siblings
34.Drug abuse must be avoided because
A. it destroys the individual’s health
B. it is practiced by minority of the
C. it increases the cost of production in
D. the laws of the state is silent on it
35.Rules and regulations are useful at home
because they
A. mould life of members
B. promote growth and freedom
C. punish all wrong deeds
D. raise the image of the family
36.Which of the following objects is not
associated with a traditional religious
A. statue
B. amulets
C. cross
D. cowries
37.An attitude which must not be
encouraged at the work place is
A. honesty
B. innovation
C. loitering
D. punctuality
38.The additional money that is earned on
savings in a bank is called
A. reward
B. commission
C. interest
D. profit
39.Leisure time finds its fullest expression
is a Christian command
A. honouring parents
B. keeping God’s name holy
C. keeping the Sabbath holy
D. not stealing other’s property
40.The C.Y.O slogan, do something for God
and Ghana now is meant to empower the
youth to
A. love God and the nation
B. pray for the church and the nation
C. seek redness for God and the nation
D. tolerate both the church and the nat.



RME PAPER 2 (60marks)

(a) Jesus said the disciples are the salt of the earth. If
such a salt lost its taste it cannot be restared.
Such a salt becomes useless and can only be
thrown away and walked upon . Jesus continued
that the discples are the light of the world. A city set
on a hill cannot be hidden. No man lights
under a bushed. It is rather a place on a stand to give
light to all. Jesus said let your light shine before men. People may see your good works and give
glory to your father who is in heaven.
[Any 4 to 10 lines paragraph, 12 marks ]
(b) (i) The teaching shows leadership . We must show
leadership by taking initiative
(ii) It teaches that Christians must set examples in
terms of avoiding sins
(iii) It teaches that Christians must draw people out
of darkness
(iv) It teaches that Christians must be preservative
and expose sins in them
(v) It teaches that Christians muct avoid halfheartedness
(vi) etc
[ Any 4 points , sentences , 8 marks ]
1. Get clean and pure water from dirt, smell or taste
2. Say ‘’Bisimilah ah-Raham’’ ( To bless the water in
Allah’s name )
3. Say the Niyyah- intention that the art is for the
purpose of worship
4. Wash the hands to the wrist three times , the right
hand first than the left hand
5. Wash or rinse the mouth for three times
6. Inhale and exhale water three times to clean the
7. Wash the face three times
8. Wash the forearms to the elbow three times
9. With hands, wipe the head from the forehaad
backward and forward to the forehead
10. Clean the ears with wet thumbs at the same
11. Wash the feet three times
[ 12 mark ]
(c) (i) It shows a sign of respect to ones creator
(II) Salat without ablution is not valid
(iii) It makes muslims holy and spirtual
(iv) It serves as a ritual cleansing of impirity
(v) etc
[ Any 4 points , 2 marks each, sentences 8
marks ]
The following points apply:
(i) God once lived very close to man.
(ii) Man could touch him and feel his presence.
(iii) Due to the disobedience of man, God
withdrew from man.
(iv) An old woman was pounding fufu everyday
(v) She kept hitting God with her long pestle
(vi) God warned her to desist from the practice
(vii) But this activity continued until one day God
withdrew and went to his present abode, i.e. the
sky. (viii) Man tried to bring God back by making
a ladder, but they could not get closer to him.
The other account is from the Mende of (Sierra
Leone). In this account
, (i) God was close to man
(ii) He gave man permission to ask for anything
that he wanted
(iii) Everyday man went up to him for their needs
(iv) Man’s demand became so incessant that God
became worried
(iv) God therefore removed himself from them
and went up to the heavens
(vi) A time came when there were no restrictions
at all in the communication between God and
(i) giver of sun
(ii) Giver of rain
(iii) Almighty God
(iv) The creator
(v) etc [any 4, sentences,
2marks each, 8marks]
(a) (I) Waving of hand
(ii) Handshake
(iii) Bowing/ Kneeling
(iv) Lying down
(v) Hugging
(vi) Kissing
(vii) Salute
(viii) etc
[Any 4 points, sentences, 2 marks aach , 8
marks ]
(b) (i) Greetings bring people together
(ii) It promotes peace and unity
(iii) It makes the beginning of conversation
(iv) It makes people speak well of you
(v) It is a sign of respect
(vi) It attract blessing from God
(vii) It promotes friendliness
[4 points 12 marks , 3 marks each
explanation to score ]
(a) Repentance means a regret for something
done which is bad.
[Definition , explanations , 4 marks ]
(b) (i) Realizing and accepting fault
(ii) Showing regret for wrong doing
(iii) Request for pardon and forgiveness
(iv) Avoid repeating the bad deeds
[ 4 points , 4 marks ]
(c) (i) It brings about true reconciliation
(Ii) It helps people to be trusted
(iii) It repairs broken relationships
(iv) It helps to restore lost glory
(v) Etc
[Any 4 points , explanation 3 marks
each 12 marks ]
(a) Sedative drugs are substances taken to relax
the nerves and reduce stress
[definition, explanation, examples for 3marks]
(b) i. tranquilizers
ii. calmative
iii. sleeping pill
iv. valium
v. alcohol
vi. pito
vii. beer
vii. etc. [any five points 1mark each
(c ) i. say “No” to drugs when offered
ii. Avoid the company of bad friends
iii. Be careful of drinks and food given by
iv. seek counselling
v. inform police
vi. put up moral character
vii. etc.
[any 4 points, 3marks each 12marks, full
(a) Work ethic is describe as a person’s
behaviour or conduct exhibited at the
[4marks, definition, explanation, examples]
(b) (i) Laziness at the workplace
(ii) Going to work very late
(iii) procrastination
(iv) sleeping at the workplace
(v) Stealing at the workplace
(vi) Working lotto at the workplace
[ any 4 points, 1 mark each 4marks]
(c) i. Low productivity
ii. leads to poverty
iii. lost of jobs
iv. stigmatization
v. it retards growth and development
vi. it leads to bribery and corruption
vii. etc.
[any 4 points, 3marks each, full explanation,
(a) savings is the act of keeping unsaved
money for future use
[definition, explanation, 4marks]
(b) (i) susu company
ii. bank
iii. savings and loan company
iv. credit union
v. microfinance
vii. insurance company
viii. etc. [ any 4 points, just points, 1mark each,
(c) i. To avoid misplacement
ii. To avoid future eventualities
iii. for interest
iv. to meet future commitment
v. it helps one to use money wisely
vi. it helps one to accumulate funds to start
vii. etc.

[12 marks, 3marks each, explanation, 4points]

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. B
7. C
8. C
9. B
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. D
14. C
15. C
16. B
17. D
18. C
19. B
20. A
21. A
22. D
23. B
24. D
25. C
26. A
27. D
28. B
29. B
30. C
31. D
32. C
33. C
34. A
35. A
36. C
37. C
38. C
39. C
40. A

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