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Science Teacher in Trouble For Impregnating School Girls Prefect (GP); Headmaster Confirms

Teacher Impregnating Girls Prefect

A Science Teacher is alleged to have gone beyond the biology lessons in class leading to him impregnating the School Girls Prefect of the Senior High School in the school he teaches.

Advice from the aged says you do not leave fish with cats for they may eat them up. It looks like the parents of the impregnated girl will have to receive a portion of the blame for what has happened to their daughter.

FACT: Science Teacher in Trouble For Impregnating School Girls Prefect

Mr. Sekeyere Twumasi Ankra, the principal of Light Academy, confirmed that that the school’s Girls Prefect has been pregnant by their Science Teacher.

The Headmaster, speaking on Omanba FM this morning, stated that the claimed student’s parents had been brought into the school for talks after the school first aid nurse established that the student was really pregnant and that their Science Teacher, Ebenezer Kumah, was to blame for the pregnancy.

When asked how the student became involved with the teacher in the first place due to the school’s strict rules, Headmaster Ankra explained that the student did not become pregnant on school grounds, but rather had been living with the teacher for the past eight months, which is how the student acquired the pregnancy.

The Headteacher’s revelation is worrying because the strict application of disciplinary rules and permitting the female student to live with the male teacher was unacceptable. During the interview, he assured Akyerensua parents and guardians that, the incident didn’t take place on the school grounds because they have the most strict and well-enforced school rules in the school that protect students. The pregnant student was cohabitating with the teacher while commuting to school every day he added.

We haven’t gotten to the bottom of the case yet, and I filed a formal police complaint this morning for the arrest of the teacher, and I can say with authority that the science teacher who committed the alleged offense has been arrested, and the police are now in charge of the investigation, said Light Academy’s headmaster.

Because of personal reasons, the student’s identity has been concealed. She is believed to have been living with her Science Teacher since January 2021. The student’s parents were planning to relocate from Akyerensua in October 2020 for job reasons, but they were unable to find a suitable house for their daughter.

They left the care of their daughter to Ebenezer Kuma, the School’s who agreed to look after the student when the parents relocated from Akyerensua to Tamale. The instructor took advantage of the circumstance and impregnated the student

According to Headmaster Sekyere Twumasi Ankra, he learned about the event on Monday after one of the female teachers brought it to his notice. They were concerned the student might temper with the pregnancy so they tested her right away to be sure she was telling the truth before alerting the Akyerensua Police.

The unfortunate part is that he even tried to persuade the student to abort the pregnancy which just adds to his problems. Before concluding his interview, the headmaster emphasized that if you take advantage of a juvenile, put her in a family, and force her to abort it because you are not ready, then you be ready for jail and heavy punishment.

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Before we broke the story Science Teacher in Trouble For Impregnating School Girls Prefect , there had been a similar incident in which one teacher impregnated three students in the same school and class.


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