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Southwest Airlines Pilot Application | Requirements and How To Apply

Southwest Airlines Pilot Application

Do you want to apply as a pilot to the Southwest Airlines? Stay with me as I take you through all the necessary requirements for the Southwest Airlines application.

What Is Southwest Airline?

Having its headquarters in Texas, United States, Southwest airline is the largest airline in the world. It is an internal airline to a hundred and twenty-one (121) places in the US, and also external to ten countries aside the United States.

Southwest Airline Application – What Is It About?

This is an online application open to all qualified pilots ready to take their career to the next level. Before you proceed to apply as a pilot at the Southwest Airline, take note of the requirements below and some added details as well.

Type Of Airline

The Southwest airline is available to United States passengers. As I stated above, it is available to US citizens in 121 places.

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When Did Southwest Airline First Begun?

Southwest airline first begun in 1967 and officially started work in the year 1971.

Southwest Airline Pilot Application Requirements

Before you can proceed to apply as a pilot at Southwest airline, you should qualify for the following requirements:

  • One must have an unrestricted United States ATP, thus the applicants should be at least twenty-three (23) years old. Have an experience of in flight flying (that includes a hundred hours night of experience and five hundred hours across the US).
  • In the last five years, you should be active for flying for two years.
  • Have a permit in FCC Radio telephone
  • Have a first class medical certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Pass a drug test from the FAA
  • Have a work permit to the United States (If an International applicant)
  • A valid US driving licence
  • A valid passport or documents for travelling.
  • Must have graduated from an accredited aviation school (Should be four years minimum)
  • Three letters of recommendation
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Where Can I Apply?

You can apply as a pilot at the Southwest Airline with the link below.


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