What Really Happens Inside A Mormon Church? (Truth Finally Out)

What Happens Inside A Mormon Church

Have you heard of the Mormon church? Do you want to know what really goes inside a Mormon church?

The Mormon church is a topic of discussions that many find it awful and sinful. Rumours has it that, many believe the people of the Mormon church worship strange things in their temple.

What actually goes on inside the temple of a Mormon church? Do the people of the Mormon church worship God? Below are a few things you should know about the Mormon church and what goes on inside their temple.

What Is The Church Of Mormon?

What Really Happens Inside A Mormon Church

The church of Mormon was formed for many beliefs known to them and some of these beliefs are the baptism of the dead, polygamy, observing the Sabbath day, marriage (eternal), riches or wealth, fasting, and many more.

Does The Church Of Mormon Believe and Worship God?

The people of the church of Mormon claims to worship God and only one God. To explain this, the Mormon Church do believe that Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and God the Father are one being, so hence they see these three as one and regard them as their God.

The Mormon church have their own beliefs and some of these are; the belief in prophets, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God, revelations, and many more.

What Happens Inside A Mormon Church?

There have been many speculations that the Mormon church perform rituals in their temple and that is totally false. Here are a few things that happen inside a Mormon church;

1. Marriage till eternity

The doctrine of eternal marriage by the Mormon church
The doctrine of eternal marriage by the Mormon church
Compared to Christians who believe in eternal marriage and end up divorcing, the Mormon church have a doctrine (eternal marriage) which they practice inside their church for marriage couples. Couples are married to each other till death do them apart, and it is their belief that these couples end up together in the afterlife.

2. Spirituality

Members of the Mormon church place spirituality first in all things. The temple of the Mormon church can be only accessed by members of the church. It is their belief that as a family or members of the Mormon church, there is an afterlife and all members will be together after death.

3. Baptism of the dead

Baptism of the dead in the Mormon church
A dead body being baptised by members of the Mormon church

It is the belief of the Mormon church that, the dead comes to life after baptism and unites with the Lord in Paradise. The basis and reference of this belief is from 1 Corinthians 15:29.

Watch the video below to know more about the happenings inside a Mormon church

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