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Springs Beauty Academy opens new professional cosmetology school in Cape Coast

Springs Beauty Academy opens new professional cosmetology

Spring Beauty Academy is a private vocational institution (professional cosmetology school) that is dedicated to holistic training, unearthing talents, and assisting both the young and the old to acquire professional beauty skills

It aims among other things to transform the Ghanaian beauty industry. In the light of this vision, it has opened up a new branch at the Cape Coast Municipality in the Central Region.

The Academy which had already churned out various crops of professional beauty therapists and cosmetologists into the nation’s beauty industry in the past has its main branch established in Accra; Ghana’s city, situated along the Spintex road since 2003.

According to Harriet Arthur, the school’s Proprietress, the new outlet is an extension of the main branch intended to enlighten the inhabitants, unearth their talents, build up/improve the skills of hairdressers in particular and with the aim of helping create the Cape Coast Metropolis a vibrant business hub where more jobs can be generated to address the burgeoning youth unemployment issues it is faced with.

Why new professional cosmetology school in Cape Coast

At the event to outdoor the school, Harriet Arthur disclosed the mind and spirit behind the decision to operate a new professional cosmetology school in Cape Coast.

“I’ve realized Cape Coast also needs to come up to the limelight. There’s something good in Cape Coast so I’ve decided to come and then help the city to grow; we need to build Cape Coast”, Harriet proudly stressed.

Speaking at a ceremony prior to the launch, Rev. Obed Danquah, a distinguished entrepreneur lauded Harriet Arthur for the initiative which he touted would go a long way to help transform the Metropolis into a business enclave and eventually bring prosperity to its inhabitants.

He said: “I’ve found it interesting and very innovative, Madam Harriet Arthur is a Fante and comes from this community and indeed if she comes to establish a beauty academy to train people in cosmetology, I guess that it’s going to improve the skills of the area”.

“Consequently, people would have the opportunity to achieve their skills or perhaps open other institutions so that in future, the industry of cosmetology would become institutionalized and people would be able to benefit from it.”, Rev. Danquah added.

While emphasizing on the need for basic education to be backed by skills acquisition as a key to the survival of businesses within the 21st century, Rev. Obed Danquah called on all and sundry to take advantage of the opportunity; embrace the teachings of the Springs Beauty Academy to advance their status and remain relevant in the beauty industry.

For his part, Bishop Richard Ampadu-Duku of the Victory Bible Church decried the lack of business opportunities within the Cape Coast municipality which he described as a bane it has suffered over the years.

“You cannot talk about any strong factory in this city, export and import company in this city. And for those of us who have become “Cape Coasters”, we desire the prosperity of this city, he said, adding: “We desire God would visit this city with businesses”.

“So when Madam told me what she wanted to do in Cape Coast, I was excited because the school would help create jobs including skill sets where people would come and acquire skills where they’ll make much progress”, Rev. Ampadu-Duku reiterated.

He described Harriet Arthur’s efforts which culminated to the launch of the Springs Beauty Academy within the municipality as a solution to the decades-old problem it was faced with and appealed to all and sundry rally behind her with the necessary support to see the institution thrive.

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the launch, the Proprietress of the Spring Beauty Academy, Harriet Arthur charged the youth to desist from the thought of making quick money but rather focus on acquiring skills backed by knowledge which would eventually transform their lives and gradually guarantee their success and a bright future.

“There’s nothing like making quick money. People think about making quick money, cutting corners here and there, but it doesn’t help, it would even haunt you.”

“If you’re an accountant, and you think that by adding up zeroes you would make money today, I bet you, you would go to bed at night and you don’t sleep”.

“Same way if you think killing somebody for ritual to make money is the way, in the night you don’t sleep so why can’t you just find something, to do that can make you little pennies here and there but the most important thing is to be skillful in whatever you’re doing and that would open the way for you”, she concluded.

The colorful ceremony was graced by some crème de la crème of the society, clergies and members of the general public alike including some representatives from the Central Regional branch of the Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association (GHABA).

It witnessed a dedication service alongside the official launch ably executed by Rev. Ike Hawkson, the CCC Eagle’s Temple Central Regional Apostle who prayed and invoked heavenly blessings upon the institution’s buildings, facilities and equipment to flourish.

A familiarization tour of the institution’s classroom blocks revealed a spacious environment stocked with the state-of-the-art facilities intended to enhance teaching and learning with the aim of engendering proper acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Springs Beauty Academy currently offers a wide-range of courses to suit its clients.  Some of the courses included Barbering, Cosmetology, Beauty Therapy, Make-up Artistry, Hair Technology, Spa Therapy etc.

Aside from the chosen course (s), each trainee is required to undergo a bit of formal classroom lectures where they’ll be exposed to basic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

The duration for courses ranges between 2 weeks to 3 months for short courses and 12 months for a full time program in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing.

According to the school’s management, the five (5) generic subjects are compulsory which should be taken in addition to any course of choice a trainee may opt for.

All trainees are deemed qualified upon successful completion of their courses and having satisfied all assessment requirements to be awarded either National Proficiency 1&2, Certificate level 1&2, Diploma or HND depending on the course of study and duration.

Professional cosmetology Courses at the Springs Beauty Academy

The institution equally organizes short courses in addition to weekend, evening and remedial classes as well as distance education courses.

Situated within the Cape Coast metropolis at Pedu opposite the Fire Service office, Springs Beauty currently opens its doors to members of the general public to obtain admission.

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It deemed anyone wishing to be enrolled to study at the Spring Beauty Academy fit for a course of choice either to acquire or improve upon his/her skills to become a beauty therapist, spa therapist or even a cosmetologist among others.

Accreditation of Springs Beauty Academy

Springs Beauty is currently on the verge of securing an accreditation with the Council for Technical & Vocational Education Training (COTVET) to guarantee the bright future of its trainees with the right certification from its professional cosmetology school.


Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor


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