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Stereotyping ethnic groups is wrong -Hon. Ursula Owusu on Badu Nkansah History Books

Stereotyping of any ethnic group is wrong -Hon. Ursula Owusu
Hon. Ursula Owusu holds the view that stereotyping ethnic groups is wrong and should be avoided. Her comments come days after the infamous Badu Nkansah History books went viral for publishing distasteful content in its Basic 3 History book.
When people who opt to give our children enlightenment require deeper enlightenment themselves, then our society has issues that are deeper than we care to admit.
In her post sighted by this portal on her Facebook wall, she minced no words in expressing her worries about stereotyping other ethnic groups. It is wrong, she wrote…
Below is her post:
Stereotyping of any ethnic group, even in jest or as a joke, must stop.
I identify with any group which is unfairly stereotyped or stigmatized as the blood of all ethnic groups in Ghana runs through my veins.
Through intermarriage and multiple relationships, the ties that bind us together far outnumber those that divide us.
Textbooks are used to educate and not to indoctrinate or corrupt our impressionable youth. They must be accurate and factual.
I’m glad the publishers of the offending unauthorized books have apologized.
Each copy out there must be withdrawn, and NACCA must sanction them appropriately.
We must be proud of our country, protect and defend our diverse cultures and traditions, and uphold the dignity of all Ghanaians, regardless of where they come from.
We are one nation under God, one people with a common destiny.
We are all beautiful Children of Mother Ghana and must be proud of our unity in diversity.
That is what makes us unique.
We sink or swim together. END
Stereotyping ethnic groups is wrong, and the message from Ghanaians to all publishers is clear.

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