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Steve Scalise, House Majority Leader Diagnosed With Blood Cancer

Steve Scalise diagnosed with blood cancer

Steve Scalise diagnosed with blood cancer

Steve Scalise, the Majority leader of the house has started treatment after revealing that he has been diagnosed with blood cancer.

Steve Scalise disclosed this on Tuesday 29th August 2023. He added that the blood cancer is treatable and he is currently under treatment.

In the statement that Steve Scalise released, he stated that he was not feeling like himself and so he had some tests done and the diagnoses came out that he has Myeloma. The good news is, this is a very treatable cancer.

The Majority whip, Steve Scalise revealed that is under treatment and he feels better and aims at resuming to the House (Washington) to continue to serve the people.

How Old Is Steve Scalise?

The Majority whip, Steve Scalise is 57-years-old.

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Steve Scalise is considered to be a rival or a successor of Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, due to his higher ranking and remarkable works. Steve Scalise is a member of the Republican Party.’

Steve Scalise in 2017 gratefully survived a shooting at a baseball game for charity.

Steve Scalise disclosed that he is for sure an example of a miracle after all these life threats.

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His colleagues in the House also expressed sympathy and speedy recovery for the Majority Whip. The speaker of the House, McCarthy also in a support statement to Steve Scalise disclosed that Steve, the Majority leader is filled with faith and he is a fighter.

McCarthy also made it known that Steve Scalise will overcome these obstacles. He revealed that he had a conversation with Steve Scalise which he can firmly say that his colleague Steve is in high spirit and doing extremely well.

McCarthy made reference to the shooting that happened in 2017 in correlation to the blood cancer. The speaker of the House stated that neither can cancer and gun shooting stop Steve  Scalise from achieving his goals.

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