Tamale Technical University Academic Programmes – Full List

Let’s take a look at all the academic programmes being offered at the Tamale Technical University. The university runs several academic programmes ranging from degree, diploma, HND, Short courses, etc.


  1. BTech Information Technology
  2. BTech Food Science and Technology
  3. BTech Statistics with Information Technology
  4. BTech Applied Statistics with options in: Biostatistics, Financial Statistics
  5. BTech Road Transport Engineering
  6. BTech Building Technology with options in: Construction Technology, Real Estate Development and Property Management, Quantity Surveying, Construction Management
  7. BTech Business Management
  8. BTech Welding and Fabrication Engineering
  9. BTech Sustainable Agriculture
  10. BTech Mechanical Engineering
  11. BTech Automotive Engineering
  12. BTech Architectural Wood Technology and Furniture Production
  13. BTech Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  14. BTech Information Technology in Multimedia Computing
  15. BTech Art Design and Innovation
  16. BTech Logistics and Procurement Management
  17. BTech Applied Accounting
  18. BTech Agricultural Engineering
  19. BTech Water and Sanitation Engineering
  20. BTech Chemical Engineering
  21. BTech Hospitality and Tourism Management


  1. Bachelor of Technology in Statistics with Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Technology in Statistics – (weekend/evening sessions)
  3. Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Management Options in: Tourism Management – Weekend/Evening, Hospitality Management and Catering Technology -Weekend/Evening
  4. Bachelor of Technology in Building Technology.
  5. Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Wood and Furniture Production
  6. Bachelor of Technology in Applied Accounting
  7. Bachelor of Technology in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  8. Bachelor of Technology in Welding and Fabrication Engineering – Evening/Weekend Sessions
  9. Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering – Evening and Weekend Sessions
  10. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with options in: Evening Session/Weekend Plant Option, Production Option


  1. HND Food Technology
  2. HND Statistics
  3. HND Tourism
  4. HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM) – Morning and Weekend Sessions
  5. HND Media and Communication Studies
  6. HND Fashion Design and Textiles Studies – Morning and Weekend
  7. HND Industrial Art:
    Leather Works Option – (Morning/Weekend)
    Ceramics Option – (Morning/Weekend)
    Sculpture Option – (Morning/Weekend)
    Graphic Design Option – (Morning/Weekend)
    Painting Option – (Morning/Weekend)
    Textiles option – (Morning/Weekend)
  8. HND Building Technology
  9. HND Civil Engineering
  10. HND Information and Communication Technology – Morning and Evening Sessions
  11. HND Accountancy – Morning and Evening Sessions
  12. HND Computerized Accounting
  13. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies – Morning and Evening Sessions
  14. HND Marketing – Morning and Evening Sessions
  15. HND Purchasing and Supply
  16. HND Bilingual Secretaryship and Management studies
  17. HND Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  18. HND Mechanical Engineering with options in: Morning and Evening
  19. HND Automotive Engineering
  20. HND Welding and Fabrication Engineering
  21. HND Agricultural Engineering
  22. HND Water and Sanitation Engineering
  23. HND Instrumentation and Automation Engineering
  24. HND Tropical Agriculture
  25. HND Electricals/Electronics Engineering – (Morning, Evening and Weekend Session)

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  1. Diploma of Technology in Food Technology
  2. Diploma of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  3. Diploma of Technology in Geographic Information Systems
  4. Diploma of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Management with options in: Travel and Tourism Management, Catering and Hospitality Management, Hotel Catering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Hotel Catering and Food Business, Marketing, Hotel Catering and Event Management
  5. Diploma in Industrial Art with Options in: Ceramics, Painting, Graphic Design, Leatherwork, Sculpture, Textiles
  6. Diploma in Computerized Accounting
  7. Diploma in Business Administration
  8. Professional diploma in Entrepreneurship
  9. Professional Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  10. Professional Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  11. Professional Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  12. Professional Diploma in Welding and Fabrication Engineering
  13. Professional Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture
  14. Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering – (Weekend/Evening Sessions)


  1. Certificate of Technology in Information Technology
  2. Diploma of Technology in Geographic Information Systems
  3. Certificate of Technology in Hotel Management with options in:
    Front Office Operations Management
    Housekeeping Operations Management
    Food and Beverage Operations Management
  4. Certificate of Technology in Journalism
  5. Certificate of Technology in Fashion Design and textiles Studies
  6. Certificate of Technology in Wood Technology – (Evening Session)
  7. Certificate in Logistics and Procurement Management
  8. Certificate in General Engineering

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The University offers the following Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Programmes with options:

  1. DBS in Secretaryship
  2. DBS in Management
  3. DBS in Marketing
  4. DBS in Statistics
  5. DBS in Accounting
  6. DBS in Purchasing and Supply
  7. DBS in Information Technology
  8. DBS in Entrepreneurship
  9. DBS in Banking
  10. DBS in Finance
  11. DBS in Event Management


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