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Teachers Promotion Aptitude Test to be Held late Feb. 2021 – GES

2020 Promotion Exams Details: Teachers Promotion Aptitude Test

Teachers Promotion Aptitude Test to be held on 25th and 26th February 2021, according to the management of the Ghana Education Service.

In a circular to all Regional Directors sighted by this portal, the GES indicated shortlisted applicants eligible for promotion has been completed

It added that staff members who are due for promotion are those for Principal Superintendent, Assis Director II, Assistance Director, and Deputy Director posts.

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The GES has indicated that it will dispatch Index Numbers, Regional centers, and all other important information through its Regional Directorate to all shortlisted candidates.

Shortlisted candidates due for promotion who sit for the Teachers Promotion Aptitude Test and pass will be promoted to their new respective ranks.

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Teachers have already started preparing for the promotion examination and we wish them well.

More about the new teacher promotion process – Teachers Promotion Aptitude Test


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The Ghana Education Service ( GES )has taken steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the promotion process. This has been done with extensive deliberation and consultation with key stakeholders and with the approval of the GES Council.

The management of the GES wishes to inform all staff due for promotion that the process has been reviewed to take the form of an aptitude test for all ranks from Principal Superintendent to Deputy director. Officers who get promoted to deputy directorship shall be expected to attend face-to-face interviews if they desire to become heads of schools or any other positions that may require interviewing. The promotion process is as follows.

Rank                                            Process
Principal Superintendent – Aptitude Test
Assistant Director II – Aptitude Test
Assistant Director I – Aptitude Test
Deputy Director – Aptitude Test
Deputy director going for headship – Aptitude Test and headship interview.

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