The New Force Set To Lead Ghana And Man Behind The Mask, Everything We Know

Who Is The Face Behind The New Force Billboard? Checkout Who It Is

In the past few days, a billboard with the writings “The New Force, A New Ghana” has turned into a national commotion, lighting interest and speculation among Ghanaians. The billboard, displayed in several parts of Accra, has driven many to consider that this indicates the introduction of a new political party or movement ready to challenge the supremacy of the two dominant parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This article brings you everything you should know about “The New Force Set To Lead Ghana” and who is behind the mask.

The words written on these billboards are “Leadership For The Next Generation #TheNewForce” and “The New Force, A New Ghana, A New Nation”.

The New Force Set To Lead Ghana And Man Behind The Mask, Everything We Know

Who Is Behind The Mask

It remains unclear who is behind these provocative billboards, however speculation is overflowing amongst Ghanaians.

Many are contemplating whether this is a new political party arising out of Ghana, one that has turned to administering with masks as part of an uncommon form of government coming to salvage Ghana from its ongoing financial difficulties.

Others propose that it may be a secretive journalist like Anas and his allies, Vice President Bawumia, vocal MP Kennedy Agyapong or even the industry mogul Cheddar that is behind the billboard campaign.

The Ghanaian public are eagerly anticipating the revelation of the personality of the baffling billboard, and the expectations of the nation are high that the rise of a new political force may achieve positive changes in the nation’s financial and political landscape.

What The Public Thinks About The Billboards

While many people are optimistic about this new force salvaging the ongoing economic crisis, others think these anonymous billboards pose a dangerous threat to the security of the country. Many people think this is the time for the Police, Soldiers, all other forces and the IGP to rise into investigations behind these anonymous billboards. Many people think what if this is a terrorist threat to the nation? What if this is the beginning of a bunch of assassins trying to dethrone the government and take over the country? They think it is inappropriate for anonymous billboards to be built in the country without the protection agencies not finding out the purpose and who it belongs to. Other people are filled with fear as the suspense increases day in day out.

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Incoming Challenges for The New Force

If it becomes established that these anonymous men are a third political force, then one of the basic determinants of “The New Force’s” prosperity will be its capacity to look for financial resources. Without significant fundraising, going up against the established parties will be a mind busting task. Acquiring the trust and backing of the Ghanaian voter, customarily faithful to the NPP and the NDC, is another huge obstacle. “The New Force” should persuade Ghanaians that it offers a trustworthy option and can follow through on its commitments. The ascent of “The New Force” highlights a longing for change and political variety in Ghana. Whether it can satisfy these hopes is not yet clear.

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