Top UK Schools With The Best 2023 A-Levels Results

UK Schools With The Best 2023 A-Level Results

The A-levels results of candidates were released on the 17th August 2023. Here are the best United Kingdom (UK) schools with the best A-level results after the release.

What Is A-levels?

The Advanced Level qualifications also known as the A-levels is a subject-based examination taken in the UK after two years of studies.

It helps students transition to the next level of education in the UK. Compared to Ghana, there are some schools which performed very well in this year’s A-levels.

Schools With The Best A-Levels Results, 2023

These schools are not ranked according to their grades, but are school that performed well in the A-levels.

1. King’s High School

Numerous students who sat to write the computer science and music paper in King’s High School had an A. The ‘B’ grades were attained by students who took German, Physical Education, Drama, Geography, English Language, and Further Mathematics.

2. The Queens School

The Queen’s School can be located in Chester. Per statistics, all the students (100%) achieved a grade of A or a B in Design Technology, English Literature, and Classical Civilisation. Also, about 80% achieved a grade A or B in Further Mathematics, Art, and Computing.

3. Brighton College

To simplify, 25 students of Brighton College had 4A’s, 5 had 5A’s, and 69 had 3A’s.

4. Trutro School

Per data, about 89% of the students that sat for the A-levels had all A’s, and 43% had few A’s.

5. Farnborough Hill School

Per the statistics, the Farnborough Hill school had 90% of its students with grades between A and C. Although the STEM subjects saw many A’s.

6. St James Girls’ School

The St James Girls’ School can be located in Malvern, a town in England. 31% of the students gained grade A only. 62% of the students achieved grades, A and a B.

Here, are some of the schools in the UK which did exceptionally well in this year’s A-levels.

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