UPDATE: Mike Enriquez Reported Dead After Battling Long Term Illness

Mike Enriquez Reported Dead

Renowned Television host Mike Enriquez has been reported dead after battling a long term illness. The death of Mike Enriquez has so far been a huge loss for everyone.

How Old Was Mike Enriquez?

The renowned Television host was reported dead at the age of seventy-one (71).

Where Was Mike Enriquez From?

Mike Enriquez was from Philippines.

What Caused The Death Of Mike Enriquez?

The actual reason behind the death of Mike Enriquez is yet to be known. Information has it that, he died after battling a long term unknown illness.

Earlier today, the death news of Mike Enriquez spread throughout with fans waiting to know the truth behind the death.

GMA Network confirmed the death of the renowned Television host prior. Mike Enriquez worked at the GMA Network in Philippines.

Prior to the news that circulated about the death of Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco, confirmed the death on-air. The GMA Network released an official statement regarding the death of Mike Enriquez on their Social Media platforms after confirming the news on-air.

Statement from GMA Network regarding the death of Mike Enriquez:

Before the GMA Network confirmed the death of Mike Enriquez, twitter users now called ‘X’ had the hint that Mike was truly dead, although, they still had doubts.

The death of the former Television host, Mike Enriquez was first shared by an unverified news outlet in Filipino. The news outlet was the first to share the devastating news of Mike Enriquez.

Read the post below;

Trendrod, the unverified social media outlet that first shared the death of Mike Enriquez made a post regarding the outfits of the anchors of the GMA Network during 24 Oras.

During the livestream on the GMA Network, fans took to the comment section to send their well wishes for the veteran Television host, Mike Enriquez.

May his soul rest in peace.

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