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WASSCE 2021 starts today with practicals – Download simplified timetable

WAEC 2021 Nov/Dec examination date 2021 late Nov/Dec registration SSCE 2021 starts today with practicals - Download simplified timetable

The WASSCE 2021 starts today with practicals of various subjects. The first batch of practicals start today 16th August and are expected to be completed and submitted on 3rd September. Visual Arts students offering Basketry, Ceramics among others are captured on the WASSCE 2021 timetable for school candidates for these practicals.

However, students of Home Economics who are offering Food and Nutrition will end the week with their food and nutrition 3 practical  -Planning session on Friday 20th August 2021.

The table below gives and vivid pictorial view of the timetable described above.


WASSCE 2021 simplified timetable has also been uploaded for students. This timetable covers the main examinations. The main examination starts on 1st September 2021. Subjects to be taken on the day are Applied Electricity 1&2, and English language (Orals)

Papers and practicals scheduled for 2nd September 2021 are as follows

  • Financial Accounting
  • French 1 & 2
  • Crop Husb.  and Horticultural 3 – Practical
  • Animal Husb. Alt A. Practical

WASSCE 2021 and Caution to students

Students need to work hard in the examination and avoid every form of temptation to cheat in the examination. We believe teachers have done their best to prepare the various candidates for the examination. Students on their part have been preparing for the examination. Any attempt to seek leaked examination questions or cheat in the examination can put the student in harm’s way.

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We hope candidates are disciplined enough to ensure the agitations of 2020 candidates that led to the insulting of the president do not repeat itself. The WASSCE 2021 starts today officially with practicals. We wish all candidates the very best of luck in their practicals and the main examination.

Below is a simplified timetable for the 2021 West African Examination for final year students in second cycle institutions.

Students must keep their focus and build the necessary confidence for the examination.

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The 2021 WASSCE timetable in PDF can be downloaded here [DOWNLOAD]

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Download simplified WASSCE 2021 timetable BELOW


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