WASSCE 2023: Physics Practical Alternative A Sample Questions

2023 WASSCE Physics Practical Alternative A Questions

The 2023 WASSCE Physics Practical begins today with Alternative A being the first badge. Here are some sample questions and projected experiment for the physics practical.

The Physics practical plays a major role in the grading of Physics. The practical is 50 marks and candidates are urged to work hard and score more than 45 marks. Both the theory and objectives paper for the Physics exams will be rounded to 50 marks inn order to sum it up with the practical.

As usual, candidates are advised to be in the lab 30 minutes to the start of the practical and should be in their lab coats.

Candidates will be required to answer two questions. Teacher and lab instructors will be available to provide assistance to anyone who finds themselves fumbling.

Physics Practical Alternative A Sample Questions and Guidelines

2023 WASSCE Physics Practical Alternative A Questions

You will be provided with a set of masses, a knife-edge, meter rule, retort stand, a string, and other materials and apparatus.

1. You are to place the meter rule on firmly on the edge of the knife (knife edge). Observe steadily and record when the meter rule horizontally balances. Make sure to record the point H, at the point of balancing.

2. At  the point H, proceed to hang the meter rule by the use of the string and fit the inextensible string to the retort stand. Make sure the inextensible string is fit to the point H till the end of the experiment.

3. You are then required to attach the mass at the 80cm on the meter rule. You are required to find the distance of ‘x’ from ‘H’. Make sure the initial mass is used till the end of the experiment.

4. Proceed to hang a mass of 40g on the side ‘AH’ and make sure it balances.

5. Find the distance of y of M from H and proceed to find (x-1).

6. Repeat procedures 1 to 5 for the following masses; (50,70,100, 120)g

7. Tabulate your recordings

8. You will then be required to plot a graph of M on the abscissa and ‘x’ on the ordinate.

9. Find the gradient of the graph

10. Find M0, when s=yM0

11. State three safety precautions you observed during the experiment.

12. What is moment of a force?

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