5 Cities With The Highest Crime Rate In Africa

5 Cities With The Most Crime Rate In Africa

As indicated by Numbeo, an online data platform, crime rates can change enormously dependent upon a city’s topography and populace depth. Below are 5 cities with the highest crime rate in Africa.

Numbeo’s Crime Index, which depends on visitor surveys, gives an evaluative gauge of the general degree of crime in different urban communities and nations.

The platform rates crime on a size of extremely low to very high, giving critical data into the wellbeing conditions of different cities.

5 Cities With The Highest Crime Rate In Africa

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Regardless of being South Africa’s legislative capital and a famous tourist objective, Cape Town positions 16th on the worldwide crime index, with a crime score rate of 73.6. The city, long known for its high degrees of crime, outflanked both Johannesburg and Pretoria as far as murders between March and April 2011. Drug trafficking and mugging are normal crimes in Cape Town, as are fierce robberies.

2. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria’s flourishing city, positions 33rd on the worldwide crime index, with a score of 67.8. Lagos, as one of the world’s biggest urban areas, likewise has the horrible differentiation of being one of Africa’s most dangerous urban communities. Crimes against inhabitants and tourists range from murders and armed robberies to kidnappings and cybercrime.

Armed robbers have been known to scale fences and disarm guards now and again, while others get section to shoreline regions by means of boat. Street gangs, frequently known as “area boys,” add to the city’s high crime rates by oftentimes causing ruin on Lagos’ main streets.

3. Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, positions 34th on the worldwide crime index, with a score of 67.6. Windhoek, while not as crowded or notable as other African urban areas, defies significant security issues. Robbery, thievery, and savage assaults are typical, affecting both local people and tourists. Notwithstanding being one of Namibia’s most significant cultural and business centers, the city’s crime insights rank it on the list of areas to keep away from.

4. Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare positions 33rd on the planet regarding criminal activity, with a crime index of 67.8. Notwithstanding its job as Zimbabwe’s economic, political, and cultural center, Harare is tormented by wellbeing issues like robbery, attack, and other rough crimes.

These difficulties have checked Harare as one of the African urban areas with high crime rates, requiring expanded care with respect to both occupants and visitors. This mirrors the more prominent issue of high crime rates in African urban areas, suggesting the requirement for more successful security measures.

5. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya’s economic and political center, positions 33rd on the worldwide crime index, with a score of 67.8. While the city is interesting to both homegrown and unfamiliar investors, it is likewise a center for different sorts of crime. Occupants and visitors are both in danger of armed carjackings and burglaries, as well as kidnappings and muggings.

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Besides, Nairobi has encountered an expansion in additional specific crimes, for example, credit card skimming and cybercrime. As of late, the city has additionally been the objective of grenade and terrorist assaults. These figures add Nairobi to the rundown of African urban areas with high crime rates, underlining the requirement for expanded security for both occupants and visitors.

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