Be Creative, Founder of Israel King of Jews to Ghana’s Youths 

Be Creative, Founder of Israel King of Jews to Ghana's Youths 

The need to be creative as a Ghanaian youth cannot be under-emphasized because one’s creativity can help liberate oneself from unemployment and poverty.

Founder of Israel King of Jews, N’Akoa Nazareth Ansah Jamson has called on Ghanaian youth to be creative to reduce the unemployment rates in the country.
Unemployment among graduates continues to be a headache as many youths graduate and start looking for jobs instead of applying their skills and creative knowledge to provide solutions that can become their fool time jobs.
He was speaking at the celebration of this year’s Pass Over of the church, on the theme: ‘Deliverance and Total Liberation’ at Dome in Accra on Friday, April 2022.
He urged Ghanaians to pay their taxes to enable the Government to create more jobs. He further charged the youth to be creative and innovative in their field of operation so as to create their own jobs and become independent.
The Passover commemorates the liberation of the Jewish plagues and other painful experiences through the manifestation of God’s power in Moses, who fought the Egyptians and their sorceress.
It also marked the passing over of the Jewish home when the firstborn son was killed, as well as the command by God to celebrate in remembrance of his power.
N’akoa Nazareth said the fast of the unleavened bread was observed by eating nothing made of grain such as bread, banku, and others prepared with fermented grain or any artificial yeast.
Prayers were said for the economic stability and peace of the nation.

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