Ghanaians Drops Questions For Alan Kyeremanten; Can He Answer? Check Them Out

Ghanaians drop questions for Alan Kyeremanten; Can He Answer Them? Check them out

The resignation of Alan Kyeremanten from the New Patriotic Party, NPP is bringing a lot of issues on social media. Ghanaians question Alan kyeremanten on social media as they are demanding for answers.

Below are some of the questions Ghanaians want to ask Alan Kyeremanten.  Can he answer them?

He’s in NPP for his own selfish interest. He’s failed as an NPP member. Resigned from the party twice but it didn’t affect the party negatively in any ways. HOW CAN IT AFFECT THE PARTY THIS TIME ROUND? END OF HIS POLITICAL CAREER!!!

If he felt things weren’t going wrong, why then did it take him a long while to resign from the Government. Also his resignation was because of his intentions to contest, is it okay to say he was enjoying whatever was happening in the country??
I will also like to know if he will accept an invitation to be a running mate to HE JDM? 

Is the Burtterfly as his symbol has anything to do with the story ” The tsetsefly teach the elephant a lesson” ?

My question is; Mr Kwebena Agyapong was his campaign spokes person in his last contest, why has he left him and contested with him in the just ended Special Delegates Conference?

What contributions has he done for the development of Ghana especially in the life of the Ghanaian youths as a minister before standing for a presidential candidate

What’s the difference between 1979 where the UP Tradition had two presidential candidates representing the Popular Front Party & United National Convention and 2024 where NPP will have two candidates.

I will rather advice him to keep quiet and enjoy the rest of his life free from politics. because he is too blessed to be humiliated.

What would be your alternative decision any point in time , if Dr Bawumia also withdrawn and go independent?

Does he believe that the current constitution has its own inherent weaknesses that need to be reviewed? Is he willing to review it and give his presidential assent to it when elected as the next president of our country ?

Again, how committed is he to his idea of government of national unity, is he willing to share power even with his opponents?

How is he going to tackle the waste disposal and drainage system in Ghana?
Over the years, the prices of goods and services keep increasing with supersonic speed, how is Alan going to address this phenomenon?

Ghanaians drop questions for Alan Kyeremanten; Can He Answer Them? Check them out

What me as a person I have seen from his resignation and new decision to stand as an independent candidate, he is only in to spoil vote for the NPP person who will be selected as the flagbearer. Because if he still continues to be an NPP member and do not win the flagbeareship race he will surely be forced to campaign for the NPP party and now that he is now an independent candidate his followers vote will go to him instead of the one to be selected as the flagbearer. This will create a very great winning opportunity for NDC.
#NDC for Victory
# NDC for change 2024

Ghanaians question Alan Kyeremanten.

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