No JHS under 6-year secondary education system: Get Informed

No JHS under 6-year secondary education system Get Informed

Ghana seeks a new education reform that will lead to the introduction of a 6-year-education system to abolish Junior High Schools (JHS) in basic schools. 

Will there be no JHS under the 6-year secondary education system?

If this policy is rolled out, it will phase out Junior High Schools (JHS)  from Ghana’s basic education system.

No JHS under 6-year secondary education option by the government will mean the basic 6 students will have to continue their education at the secondary school from SHS1 to SHS6.

Mr. Kofi Asare of Africa Education Watch confirmed Ghana’s unfavourable system born out of an IMF program that reduced the period spent in secondary education recently while enlightening trainees on education finance and issues surrounding it at an Action Aid Ghana Workshop held in Accra.

Ghana remains the only African country and WAEC member state where secondary education is just a three-year system, Mr. Kofi Asare said while addressing trainees on education finance at the Action Aid Ghana workshop on Tax Justice and Education finance workshop held at the Miklin Hotel, East Legon on 11th November 2022.

The impact of this system on education has been identified as not the best for the nation and has contributed to low performance at the WASSCE when the overall performance of countries is analyzed.

Questions that need answers

The big question is, does Ghana have the needed resources now, the required strategy implementation, and monitoring abilities to ensure this new policy when rolled out does not end up becoming another mere guinea pig experiment?

Another question is, should Ghana make secondary education 6 years, will it remain Free SHS?

The 6-Year Secondary Proposal to make secondary education 6 years (JHS to SHS) combined as SHS and not to keep students at the Basic school for another 3 years after basic 6. Do well to read our article Details of The New 6-Year Secondary Education Proposal Drops: Get informed” as it provides valuable insight into what is to come.

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There will be no JHS under the 6-year secondary education system and when rolled out, there will no longer be JHS, basic school will end at Basic 6, and students who graduate from basic school will study in a secondary school for six years before writing their final exam toward tertiary education.

However, it is expected to be piloted in 2023. Do well to read “Details of The New 6-Year Secondary Education Proposal Drops: Get informed” which gives additional information on how the policy is likely going to be implemented.

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I hope you have been informed as far as this post on no JHS under the 6-year secondary education system is concerned.

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