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Shalimar Abbiusi, the spokesperson for the New Force Arrested

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Miss Shalimar Abbiusi the public relations officer for the New Force has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service for allegedly faking to acquire a permanent resident documents as a Belgian living in Ghana which is unlawful act in the country.

According to sources, Shalimar Abbiusi was invited on Monday 4th December 2023 by National Investigation Bureau.

The parents of Shalimar said their daughter has been denied legal right in Ghana.

”They kidnapped my daughter, she is not criminal, we plead to the government to release our daughter” they lamented.

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After the arrest of Shalimar, the New Force team has expressed their disappointment for the arrest of their spokesperson in charge of diaspora and foreign relations.

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The team behind the New Force claims that Miss Shalimar arrest by the Ghana Police Service clearly explains government intention of abusing laws in order to persecute political opponent.


Earlier today, the new Force has released a press statement condemning actions taken by the government to disturb their actions


“Miss Abbiusi’s arrest clearly marks an attempt by the Government to abuse our laws and its power in order to persecute political opponents. We deplore the attempts to use Ms Abbiusi’s immigration status to blackmail her. We consider that no person should be discriminated against on account of their political opinions or country of origin, as guaranteed by our Constitution.

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Shalimar Abbiusi the spoke person for the new force arrested

These actions are morally and legally wrong and undermine faith in our democracy as well as the independence and fairness” the New Force.

They urged Ghanaians to stay focus in order to stay away from any Government intimidation.

“We ask you to demand for a different kind of politics. That is the promise of the New Force. The international community is closely monitoring these developments, emphasizing the need for a swift and just resolution.”

Miss. Abbiusi became well known in Ghana after they posted a video of her representating  the New Force as their Spokesperson.

In the viral video, Shalimar denies allegations against someone claiming to be the face behind the New Force Billboard mounted in many cities in Ghana.

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