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Social Studies Theory Questions For 2023 WASSCE Candidates – Solve Now

Take advantage of these likely WASSCE Social Studies questions. The questions below were set based on some confirmed topics. Some of the questions were also set based on some analysis of the past questions.

These questions were set to make candidates know what they should expect in the final exams.

1. Explain the purpose of marriage

2. Explain the forms of marriage and residence pattern of marriage in Ghana

3. Explain the causes of marriage breakdown and its effects.

4. How can marriage be strengthening in Ghana

5. Differentiate between parenthood and parenting

6. Outline the responsibilities of a parent

7. What is irresponsible parent behavior?

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8. Outline some of irresponsible parental behavior

9. Explain the term culture.

10. What is socialization

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11. Mention five agents of socialization

12. List three agencies of socialization

13. Outline the importance of socialization

14. Explain the importance of the agencies of socialization

15. Explain the following

i. Land degradation
ii. Water pollution
ii. Air pollution

16. Outline the causes of ;

i. Land degradation
ii. Water pollution
iii. Air pollution

17. What are the effects of;

i. Land degradation
ii. Air pollution
iii. Water pollution

18. Explain the following

i. Illegal mining
ii. Desertification
iii. Soil erosion
iv. Bush burning

19. What is Education

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20.Outline the purpose of education

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21.a. Define the following

i. Self
iv. Self confidence

b) Discuss four factors which can inhibit the development of an individual’s capability

22 .a) Describe the Maslow theory of need.

b) Highlight four ways which Maslow theory of need is relevant to the Ghanaian society-

23. a) Explain the term adolescent chastity

b) As an adolescent, justify five irresponsible behaviors you must avoid.

24. a) Explain the term reproductive right.

b) Justify five reasons why adolescents need to know about their reproductive features.

25. a) Explain the following
i. Conflict
il. Peace building
Wii. Conflict resolution

b) Discuss any five causes of conflict in the Ghanaian society.

26. a) Mention any five effects of conflict.

b) Discuss five condition or processes for peace building in Ghana.

27. a) State four characteristics of a youth.

b) in what five ways can indiscipline among the youth can be checked.

28,a) In what five ways can the youth in Ghana contribute to national developments?

b) Highlight five reasons for the need to save money.

29. a) Examine five roles of science and technology in the development of your country.

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b) Outline five ways of promoting science and technology in Ghana.

30. a) Define the following
i. Science
ii. Technology

b) In what four ways can technology help in the development of agriculture in Ghana

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