Some 2021 BECE Candidates will fail the exam| What to do if you fail

2022 BECE English Language Objective Questions Some 2021 BECE Candidates will fail the exam.. What to do if you fail 2021 BECE English Language Answered Pasco, Mocks and Passing Tips

Some 2021 BECE Candidates will fail the exam and this is a bitter reality we cannot deny. However, the big question is what to do just in case you fail the examination when you check your 2021 results and you find out you failed.

Since the introduction of the Free SHS, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) has scrapped off the cut-off point of aggregate 25 for admission into the Senior High School. However, this does not mean students do not fail the examination.

Some students make grades 8 and 9 in the examination every year and once the grade 8 or 9 is related to the candidate’s Mathematics, English Language or Integrated Science (Core subjects) the chances of getting placed in a Free SHS or being given the chance to do a self-placement becomes a mere dream. Such students have failed the examination and are likely not to be placed in any public school. However, this is not the end of your life or dreams because it offers other opportunities as well.

Some 2021 BECE Candidates will fail the exam: What to do if you fail the 2021 BECE exam

The Minister of Education has disclosed that the West African Examination Council  (WAEC) has promised to release the results by the end of February 2022. To be able to know whether you have passed or failed you need to check the result.

If you obtain very poor grades in your core subjects (Mathematics, English, Integrated Science, and Social Studies) in the range of grade 8 and 9 in these subjects, it is a sign that you have crossed the red line and school placement opportunities are slimmer.

One of the things BECE candidates can be assisted to do if they fail the 2021 BECE is for them to resit the examination as private candidates. Parents can also gain admission for their ward’s in another school for the candidate to prepare and take the examination all over again.

Another option is for such candidates to look for admission in very good private SHS which are dotted around the country. Such schools have excellent systems and teachers in place to help poor and non-performing students to excel at the WASSCE after their studies. If a candidate who fails the BECE manages to gain admission into a public Senior High School, the possibility of teachers dedicating time and effort to help such a student is not guaranteed due to the huge number of students in such schools.

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Parents whose wards are waiting for their 2021 BECE results and the school placements may also consider enrolling the learner in a Vocational and or Technical School or for the student to be enrolled to learn a trade as an apprentice.

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These are some of the forward-looking options for candidates who may fail the examination.

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