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Submit these details to GES for your new promotion grade

Teachers New Grade Requirement

The teachers new grade requirements (Promotion) and the documents to submit vary. For each level or grade and the circumstances surrounding it, the GES may require different documents.

Teachers who are due or preparing for their promotion to various levels are to take note of the following documentation requirements. Submit these details to GES for your new promotion grade when you are required to do so.  This update is to help teachers prepare ahead and also know the requirements


Teachers New Grade Requirements per next grade/ level to be promoted to

1. Teachers who have upgrading letters regional Education offices and are yet to be placed on the grade due must put together the following records for the processing.

a. Current payslip

b. Upgrading letter

c. Certificate

d. Salary Adjustment Letter


Teachers who passed the promotion assessment (interview/aptitude test ) but are yet to be placed on the right level or grade are to collate and making ready the following documentation prior to any directive from the GES.

a. Current payslip

b. Promotion letter

c. Online congratulations message received

d. Letter for salary adjustment


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Finally, all lower ranked teachers of the GES who have received their promotion or upgrading letters from the respective Municipal Education Offices on or before December 2019 are advised to put together the following documents whiles they wait for directives from the GES.

a. Current pay slip

b. Promotion or Upgrading letter

c. Certificate awarded

d. Salary Adjustment Letter

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We have published these requirements to help our gallant teachers take proactive steps ahead of any information from the Regional or national offices of the GES for teachers who are due for promotion and have met all the requirements outlined above.

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