The New Force Billboard: Dr. Sam Ankrah Unveils Identity Behind Billboard

The New Force Sets To Lead Ghana

After weeks of anticipation and speculation, the mystery surrounding the The New Force billboard has finally been unraveled. The enigmatic image of a masked man, teasing Ghanaians with its bold message, has now revealed its face.

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Dr. Sam Ankrah, an independent presidential candidate for 2024, took to social media to declare himself as the man behind #TheNewForce. In a post on [platform], he emphasized the movement’s commitment to transparency and accountability, symbolized by the slogan ‘No Masked Promises.’ The campaign vows to bridge the gap between political promises and their actual fulfillment.

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“Time has come to rally behind a youth movement that seeks to champion transparency & accountability. ‘No Masked Promises’ symbolizes the rejection of political facades & vows to bridge the gap between promises made & promises kept. Learn more about Dr. Sam Ankrah. #TheNewestForce,” stated the post.

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The strategically placed billboard, capturing attention at vantage points across the country, had become a symbol of intrigue, fueling widespread speculation about the identity of The New Force. With Dr. Sam Ankrah now stepping into the spotlight, the movement gains a face, and Ghanaians can begin to unravel the vision and purpose behind this mysterious political force.

Below is Dr. Sam Ankrah: Man Behind #TheNewForce Billboard in Ghana

The New Force billboard

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