The New Force movement: Sam Ankrah is not the face behind the mask

The New Force movement

In a recent turn of events, The New Force movement, a burgeoning political movement that gained momentum through its ‘The Man in a Mask’ campaign on social media, has vehemently refuted claims linking independent presidential hopeful and businessman, Sam Ankrah, to the enigmatic persona behind the mask.

A statement released on November 20, 2023, and reported by GhanaWeb, disclosed The New Force movement ‘s assertion that Sam Ankrah has no involvement with their groundbreaking campaign. Accusing Ankrah of attempting to co-opt the innovative ideas of young Ghanaians for his political gain, the movement distanced itself from the aspiring presidential candidate.

The New Force movement expressed disappointment, stating, “We are disappointed that Mr. Sam Ankrah has sought to deliberately exploit the ingenuity of young Ghanaians and coopted their vision and creativity to project dubious political ambitions.”

The New Force movement decried Ankrah’s actions as reprehensible, highlighting their belief that such conduct undermines his credibility as a potential leader ushering in a new political era.

Taking a decisive stance, The New Force announced its intention to file a complaint against Sam Ankrah with the Electoral Commission, citing a violation of the Political Parties Act 2000.

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The New Force movement ‘s legal team plans to argue that Ankrah’s actions warrant punishment under the Act, potentially leading to imprisonment for up to two years. Additionally, The New Force reserved the right to pursue civil action against Ankrah for infringing on their intellectual property rights.

The statement concluded with a firm demand that Ankrah cease all unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of their intellectual property. The movement insisted on the immediate deletion of images related to ‘The Man in the Mask’ campaign from all of Ankrah’s platforms, accompanied by a public apology for the infringement.

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In response, Sam Ankrah, in a post on X, clarified his position without explicitly claiming to be the face behind the mask. He urged support for a youth movement, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

Ankrah’s post underscored the rejection of political facades, encapsulated by the campaign’s slogan, ‘No Masked Promises,’ as a commitment to bridging the gap between political assurances and their fulfillment. The post invited readers to learn more about Dr. Sam Ankrah and the youth movement, using the hashtag #TheNewestForce.

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