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The Reopening Revised date for SHS1 students – Check Here!

SHS 1st-Year Reporting Date and Extension Discussions: Statement issueed by Parliament and MoE's reaction The Reopening Revised date for SHS 1 students – Check Here!

In a related letter dated November 29, the Teacher Unions in Ghana expressed their deepest gratitude to Dr. Eric Nkansah, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, about the reopening date of SHS1.

The letter seeks a reconsideration of the reopening date for SHS1 students in the 2023–2024 academic year, citing concerns over the proximity of placement and reopening dates as well as the limited time for Christmas break.

The Teacher Unions have expressed their concern over the current schedule for reopening Senior High Schools, particularly for SHS1 students. The placement of first-year students into Senior High Schools commenced on November 28 and is still in progress.

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The unions argue that the tight chronology between placement and reopening poses challenges for both students and staff. Asking Form 1 students to report on December 4, only to send them home again on December 21 for the Christmas break, is deemed impractical. This, they contend, places an undue burden on students, staff, and parents alike.

The holiday period, spanning from December 21 to January 2, 2024, is criticised as deficient in providing meaningful rest for both teaching and non-teaching staff. The unions highlight the importance of allowing an adequate break for rejuvenation, emphasising the demanding nature of their roles and the need for a balance between work and rest.

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In light of these interests, the Teacher Unions earnestly call on the Management of the Ghana Education Service to reconsider the current schedule. They advocate for a thoughtful reassessment of the placement and reopening dates to address the practical challenges faced by students, staff, and parents.

The unions emphasize the importance of creating a schedule that not only ensures a smooth transition for students but also allows sufficient time for rest during the holiday season.

We hope that the Ghana Education Service will think about this request and make sure everyone involved has a good and supportive school environment.

The Reopening Revised date for SHS1 students – Check Here!

3 thoughts on “The Reopening Revised date for SHS1 students – Check Here!

  1. I think we the 2023 candidate can’t wait to proceed to the senior high school
    I think everyone should understand that,we are going to the SHS on the 4th of December for orientation programs.
    This orientation will help us to know more,almost everything about the school we are enrolling in so that the moment academic lessons begins then it means we are already aware of the norms in the school
    So I personally want us to go to SHS on the 4th of December 2023

  2. It will not be easy for our parents. But please you have to organize yourself in terms of giving a comment and beside, you have to think deeply.It’s unacceptable….

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