Tuition In Germany Is Free For International Students – Apply Here

Tuition In Germany Is Free For International Students - Apply Here

Did you know that schooling or tuition in Germany is completely free, even for International students? This article will help you apply for free.

In Germany, tuition is free in all government Tertiary institutions or universities. It is free for both domestic and International students. The universities in Germany who charge tuition fees are all private institutions.


It’s easy to apply for admission in these universities. All you have to do is to visit the website of any public German university and apply.
Application fee is not free. It usually cost €300 which is equivalent to ¢4,000. Once you pay this, you are good to go.

Before you apply, you need to have a valid passport. Your academic records will be demanded when filling your application letter.

After you have applied, you can check your admission status from time to time. So far as you qualify for a specific programme chosen, it is likely for you to be admitted.


For Winter Semester: 15th April to 15th July, each year

For Summer semester: 15th November to 15th January, each year.

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Some Universities That Offer Free Tuition In Germany

Studying in Germany is tuition free, both for foreigners and citizens alike. So these are the best 20 universities in Germany in 2024. All these universities also made it into the top 200 in the world in 2024

1. Technical University of Munich
2. 38 LMU Munich
3. Heidelberg University
4. Humboldt University of Berlin
5. RWTH Aachen University
6. University of Bonn
7. Charité University Hospital Berlin
8. University of Tübingen
9. Free University of Berlin
10. University of Göttingen
11. University of Freiburg
12. University of Hamburg
13. Technical University of Berlin
14. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
15. University of Cologne
16. TU Dresden
17. University of Würzburg
18. University of Mannheim
19. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
20. University of Münster

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