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2021 Yearly and Termly Scheme of Learning for KG1-Basic 6: Download

2021 Yearly and Termly Scheme of Learning for KG1-Basic 6

Teachers and schools can now download the KG1 – Basic 6 Yearly and Termly Scheme of Learning for 2021.

They have been carefully prepared based on the new curriculum by NaCCA

The files are provided by Fayol Inc.  CONTACT: 0549566881  EMAIL: [email protected].

Download Yearly and Termly Scheme of Learning for 2021

Each file for each level of learning contains the scheme of learning for terms 1, 2, and 3.

Subjects covered in each file:

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It also has an annual scheme of learning for effective planning as well.

Kindergarten 1 >>> Download Now

Kindergarten 2 >>> Download Now

Basic 1 >>> Download Now

Basic 2 >>> Download Now

Basic 3 >>>Download Now

Basic 4 >>> Download Now

Basic 5 >>> Download Now

Basic 6 >>> Download Now 

Effective use of these termly and yearly schemes is needed if learners are to benefit fully from the efforts of teachers.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), acting on behalf of the Education Ministry, approved the first batch of recommended textbooks for teaching the new curriculum.

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The batch, consisting of 187 textbooks to be used from KG through to Primary Six, were outdoored at a ceremony on May 14, in Accra.

Executive Secretary of NaCCA, Dr. Prince Armah, speaking with the media, said the approved books cover subjects including Mathematics, Science, English, and the Creative Arts.

Even though a lot of the subjects have a number of recommended textbooks and some still being assessed, Dr Armah was quick to admit that some of the subjects, particularly the local languages and physical education, have still not received textbook samples from publishers.

He explained that most of the publishers are business-minded and will invest in subjects that, they believe, a lot of people will be interested in buying.

Schools are advised to use the right books for teaching this academic year.



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