2023 BECE Social Studies Super Mock Questions & Answers For Candidates

. Check the full details here: GES assures 2023 BECE and WASSCE is not cancelled: It will be conducted as scheduled 20 BECE Social Studies Objective Test Questions Never Asked Plus Answers Public Schools Registering Private School Final Year Students For 2023 BECE Caught In The Illegal Act 2023 BECE Social St2023 BECE grade will be calculated udies Super Mock

The BECE starts on the 7th of August 2023 and we at Ghana Education News believe our 2023 BECE Social Studies Super Mock Questions & Answers are resources that all Candidates need as part of their revision materials. We have shared some of the questions here. You can however buy the full version at a very low fee if you want to.

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2023 BECE Social Studies Super Mock Questions 7 Answers All Candidates Need



Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material

All questions carry equal marks.




Answer one question only from this section.

  1. (a)        List five characteristics of the North East Trade winds in Ghana.                [5 marks]

(b)        Describe five effects of the North East Trade winds in Ghana.  [15 marks]

  1. (a) State four negative effects of rapid population growth on the development of Ghana. [4 marks]

(b)        Highlight any four ways by which rapid population growth can be reduced in Ghana.  [16 marks


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  1. A long narrow stretch of hills is called
    A. Ridge
    B. Spur
    C. Mountain
    D. Valley
  2. The ratio between measurement on a map and the actual corresponding distance on the ground is
    A. a longitude
    B. a latitude
    C. a scale
    D. a contour
  3. The layer of gases which surrounds the earth is known as
    A. Atmosphere
    B. Cloud
    C. Ozone
    D. Temperature
  4. The revolution of the earth around the sun is the main cause of
    A. the rise and fall in the sea level
    B. the four seasons
    C. changes in the direction of the ocean current
    D. day and night
  5. The world’s largest ocean is the
    A. Atlantic
    B. Pacific
    C. Arctic
    D. Antartic
  6. Which organ of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) has the highest authority?
    A. General Secretariat
    B. The Council of Ministers
    C. The Assembly of Heads of States and Governments
    D. The Commission of Peace
  7. The time in Ghana is different from the time in Nigeria because of differences in
    A. latitudinal position
    B. longitudinal position
    C. climate condition
    D. geological size
  8. Ethnic conflicts must be avoided because they slow down
    A. economic development
    B. urban-rural migration
    C. rural-urban migration
    D. tribal disintegration
  9. Lunar eclipse occurs when the
    A. sun comes between the earth and the moon
    B. earth rotates on its axis from West to East
    C. moon comes between the sun and the earth
    D. earth comes between the sun and the moon
  10. Public corporations are set up by the government mainly to provide
    A. youth employment
    B. emergency services
    C. entrepreneurial skills
    D. utility services

The rest of Section B questions on GOVERNANCE, POLITICS AND STABILITY  and  SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT plus all the objective test questions can be obtained here –GO HERE NOW




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