Teacher Sued NTC Over Unapproved Fees

Teacher Sued NTC Over Unapproved Fees

Teachers in the country are always complaining about low income and salaries received from the Government of Ghana. Coupled with this issue, the National Teaching Council brought a directive that has not been welcomed by teachers in the country.  Given this, an employee who is a teacher sued NTC (National Teaching Council) for some of their latest developments which have to do with teachers’ points in other to build their portfolios for license renewal.


According to the letter circulating on all social media platforms, the National Teaching Council NTC made it clear to teachers that a workshop would be organized for teachers across the country. The essence of the workshop is to help teachers upgrade themselves with unique skills and strategies on how to have effective classroom lessons. Again, the main rationale behind the workshop is to award teachers with points which will help to facilitate the renewal of their license in the teaching profession. The reason why a teacher sued NTC has to do with the amount of money being charged for the teachers to be given only six points for a workshop. The letter from the National Teaching Council NTC confirmed the payment of 150 Ghana Cedis to be paid by all teachers in other to partake in the workshop for 6 points to build their continuous Professional Development (CPD).

In response to this, Mr. Stephen Desu who is a Ghanaian and an employee of Ghana Education Service draws the attention of the general public to the initiatives of the National Teaching Council NTC to take 150 Ghana Cedis from teachers for just 6 points of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Mr. Stephen Desu writes to NTC to reconsider their decision of the 150gh fee to be paid by teachers in the country. It is therefore said that a teacher sued NTC over an unapproved amount of money to be paid by all Ghanaian teachers across the country.

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