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The woman who saved Nkrumah from bomb explosion

Elizabeth Asantewaa was only 13 years old when she saved Dr. Kwame Nkrumah from bomb explosion during the 1964 Independence Day Celebration Assassination attempt against the first president of the Republic of Ghana.

Elizabeth suffered a series of wounds when she was asked to present a flower to the president at the Independence Square.

Not knowing the bouquets she was to present to the president contains bomb that was meant to kill the president.

From oral tradition, on that day the president did not report to the ceremony early, that is the reason why he was not affected.

As soon as the bomb exploded, Elizabeth lost her leg and other parts of her body got burnt.

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Many students and other individuals lost their lives as a result of the bomb explosion.

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She was quickly rushed to 37 military hospital for medical attention.

After the incident happened, Elizabeth education was not successful since she was not able to attend school regularly since she undergoes series of surgeries and have to stay at home for a couple of months before she returned to school.

Elizabeth Asantewaa the woman who saved Nkrumah from bomb explosion
Madam Elizabeth Asantewaa

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, whose the bomb was meant for before his overthrown in 1966, did his maximum best to support the family of Elizabeth on several occasions.

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He provided medical care to Elizabeth and offered her money that should be using for other medical bills.

According to her, many successive governments neglected her, and none of the government officials paid a visit to her and even to give financial support.

Before her departure in 2021, she ran a number of interviews in which she recounted what happened during the Independence Day.

“ I was holding something like flowers, which I was to present to Dr Nkrumah. When Nkrumah made an attempt to take the flowers from me, he raised his head up and down and later shook his head. If I had stretched my hands towards him, he has died”.she recounted.

In March 2019 ABLE Initiative an NGO and Nathaniel Mensah known in the media space as Ajeezay paid a visit to Madam Asantewaa a did a donation for her.

Elizabeth Asantewaa died at the age of seventy (70) on Wednesday, June 2nd 2021.

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