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University of Education Winneba (UEW) Cut Off Points 2023/2024

The Plight of UEW Students: Challenges in Accessing Results and Certificates

Do you want to know more about University of Education Winneba (UEW) cut-off points for 2023/2024? Continue reading to know about Winneba cut off points.

University of Education Winneba (UEW) Cut Off Points

UEW has declared the cut-off points expected of prospects who are applying for admission into the school. If you meet the cut-off point, UEW would likely consent you admission provided your result is good enough.

Candidates should note that the advantage of meeting the UEW cut-off points lowest score as authorized by University is that candidates can stand a chance to gain admission to the University.

UEW cut-off points for SSCE candidates should not be less than 24 points, while for WASSCE candidates should not be less than 36 points. Minimum subject requirements and performance levels for admission consideration: Mathematics, English (or home language) must be at 60 percent or above, and at least 50 percent score for the next 3 best subjects (not including life orientation).

A candidate won’t be deemed fit for admission if their score is below the University cut-off points.

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Check UEW cut-off points for each course below

Programmes                                       Male Aggregate    Female Aggregate

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B.A. Arabic Education                                                 36                      36
B. A. Political Science Education                               17                       18
B. Sc. Secretarial Education                                        36                       36
B. SC. MANAGEMENT EDUCATION                      36                       36
B.A. ART EDUCATION                                                36                       36
B.A. FRENCH EDUCATION                                       36                       36
B.A. GA AND DANGME EDUCATION                     36                       36
B. A. GRAPHIC DESIGN                                             25                        25
B. A. GRAPHIC DESIGN                                             36                        36
B. A. ENGLISH EDUCATION                                     35                        35
B. A. ENGLISH EDUCATION                                     36                        36
B. A. SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION                      25                        25
B. A. SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION                      22                        22
B. SC. ACCOUNTING EDUCATION                         15                         16
B. Ed BASIC EDUCATION                                          36                         36
DAGAARE, DAGBANI, GONJA,                                                                     GURUNE, KASEM AND KUSAAL EDUCATION 36                           36
B. SC. INFORMATION AND COM.                                                        TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION                                    36                           36
B. A. FANTE, NZEMA AND TWI EDUCATION     36                           36
B. A. FANTE, NZEMA AND TWI EDUCATION     36                           36
B. A. EWE EDUCATION                                              36                           36
B. A THEATER ARTS                                                   36                           36
B. Sc. Health Administration and Education          24                            24
B. Sc. AUTHOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY                                                                    EDUCATION                                                                 36                             36

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